Friday, August 13, 2004


Hey, I'm back finally and posting. I know it hasn't made much of a difference to anyone but me because it seems as if no one reads this blog but I'm fine with that. It means there's no waiting public putting pressure on me to post. There's no one to upset with my comments and there's no one to play to.

So I've just gotten back from my vacation to the US. The guy at the border was kinda scary because he had a gun but everything else after that was fine. Well, except for the rain. I'm not really used to the rain because I live in a semi-arid desert region so we don't get a lot of rain. But my first night camping we had lightning and thunder. I enjoyed the thunder but not so much with the rain and the wet.

Of course, crossing the border doesn't mean a total change of landscape or crossing a big red line but I expected something to be different. I did see a lot of American flags though, a lot of them. At one point there seemed to be one above every public building, house and dam we passed driving me to the point of suffocation. It seemed as if there was very lightly veiled fanaticism surrounding the symbol of the flag and its meaning. It wasn't something I was used to though as I only see the occasional Canadian flag flying above government buildings and things like that.

Everybody was very friendly, including the friends that we visited. I went inside a gold mine where rainbow trout are living quite happily and I attended a Melodrama for the first time in a very long time. The nights were chilly of course, because we were in the mountains and everything but that's what I've missed these past few years. The last night we were on our way home and were finally able to have a campfire at a campsite. Apparently this is the last vacation I'm having with my family (so they say) and I felt really bad when I was roasting my marshmellow. I didn't want the fire to die down but that was inevitable because we hadn't brought a lot of wood. So I sat outside with my family and we watched for shooting stars as the sun set.

There seemed to be so many more stars out but I think that's because we were far away from any other lights and nowhere near a city. I actually saw the Milky Way which I believe I've never seen before. It was very faint but visible and I did see some shooting stars. I had wanted to stay up to see the False Dawn of Omar Khayyam but I didn't want to stay up all night so I went to bed instead.

Quote: "A vacation is like love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort and remembered with nostalgia."


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