Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Arts in Canada

A teacher of mine once said that 'it is a heroic act to be a poet in this country.' I'm sure that in years to come I'll more fully understand what he meant even though I think that I understand it now.

Canada seems to be a country that embraces culture and the arts but I can't name any famous poets because I don't know any. I also can't name any rich poets. I would say that the same goes for the majority of all writers in this country.

As an aspiring writer this scares me beyond what I can think. This is all I know how to do and the fact that it might not even or ever matter makes me question why I'm even bothering.

But then again, why am I catering to the whims of society? Why can't I do what I feel is right without having to worry about how I'm going to support myself? But of course the answer is obvious; life isn't fair and my expectations shouldn't be so high. It's sad though that I expect so little.

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