Monday, October 11, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I am stuffed from yesterday when I had my thanksgiving dinner. Technically Thanksgiving is today but it's always much easier to get the family together on a weekend.

I think that Thanksgiving is one of the few days in the year when it's a given that you stuff yourself full of yummy food. Of course, I still saw relatives taking minute portions of everything and some of the children were barely eating anything. Some I know were probably doing this because they wanted to "watch their weight". The fact that some of the kids were doing this (mainly young girls) made me sick.

I mean, come on. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends not a time to count calories. I of course, piled my plate full of everything, even the gross stuff like brussel sprouts. I think it's important to try everything on special days because someone has obviously put a lot of time into making the food.

Of course, after watching some people with their pitiful portions of turkey and cranberry I had the audacity to question whether I had taken too much. The fact that I could be influenced into thinking that my dinner might make me "fat" is disgusting and I was indeed disgusted with myself for even thinking that. To hell with anybody who ever makes me feel bad about myself. Of course, I can't blame my family for influencing me. They didn't do it on purpose and they are family.

Fortunately for me, the pumpkin pies were already sliced so I didn't need to try and figure out which size piece would be "appropriate" for me. But again I saw people taking sliver-thin slices. Hey, if they don't want any pie, then that just leaves more for me and others who don't care how many carbs are in a piece of pumpkin pie.

Here's something I didn't know about Thanksgiving until last year but pleasantly surprised me. Apparently the first thanksgiving in North America occurred in 1578 in Newfoundland. English adventurer, Martin Frobisher held the ceremony to "give thanks for having survived the long ocean journey." I had always thought that the first thanksgiving was the idealized version with the pilgrims in Plymouth but I guess I was wrong.

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