Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Half an Octopus

Why aren't there any good Canadian taglines out there? I was hoping I could nab one off a site and glue it to the side of the blog but I ended up having to make my own. There were tons of good ones out there but none pertained to my blog content. While I'm perfectly capable of making stuff up, there is no guarantee that said "made-up stuff" will even be remotely funny. I prefer the funny people to actually write the funny stuff.

Here are the taglines I found for Canada.

CANADA - Nine months of winter, three of bad skiing.

CANADA CALLING: Quebec for sale cheap. Must take it all.

CANADA: The land of ice and snow, and gun control. -Dik

CANADA: Our wind blows trees really well.

CANADIAN DOS: Format c:? Yer sure, eh? [S]ure [N]o-way

CANADIAN(n):like American, but no handguns & with Healthcare! <G>

CANADIAN(n):like American,but no gun&with Healthcare!

CANADIANS do it bilingually.

CANADOS: Format C:? Yer Sure, eh? [Y] [N]o way hoser!

Keep Canada Beautiful. Swallow your beer cans.

Cana-DOS: Yer sure, eh? (B)eauty! (N)o way! (T)ake off!

Canada: A pack of cigarettes- $8; a heart transplant- just $8.

Keep Canada beautiful. Properly dispose of your lawyer.

Canadian: unarmed American with health care.

Pretty bad right? Not as bad as this: Forewarned is forearmed...which is about half an octopus.

I don't suppose anyone knows of a site where one might find Canadian taglines? I promise half a Calimari to whoever does.

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