Friday, April 01, 2005

Remember the "Mitten Debacle" of '23?

Well, this should brighten someone's day. It certainly made me feel better after all of the crummy weather I've suffered through. 2005 officially marks the birth of the National Mitten Registry.

Picture this, a scene of white, newly fallen snow. The plow has yet to come by on this quiet back street. Nearby a dog urinates on a fencepost and a child down the street has just eaten a handful of yellow snow. Then you you ever reach into your pocket for your mittens and discover that somewhere between home and the grocery store, you lost one. This has happened often enough to me that I'm looking for a pair of mittens attached by string. You know, the kind you had when you were a kid?

Now to some this may be just a bitter reminder of winter. It may also seem like a bit of fluff. Honestly, who's going to reclaim a mittenthey lost if they see a picture of it on the internet? All I can say is that if it's cold enough, you're going to want to have that other mitten.

Personally, I like the idea. It's very Canadian, practically irrelevant. No really, it's cute in a sort of dopey way. What would make it more interesting though is if we had a black market for mittens or if mittens were being stolen on purpose for ransom or reward money. Scandals could erupt about political leaders and for years people would talk about the famous "mitten debacle" where millions were pumped into a missing mittens fund that never really existed. Stories could be run by national papers about middle aged men who have a fascination with left-handed gloves and have a collection of them in the trunk of their car. Anything is possible, especially with a logo as suspicious-looking as the National Mitten Registry's.

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