Sunday, January 01, 2012

The List

This list is a combination of 'The Guardian's 1000 Books everyone must read list', 'Blue Pyramid's Book List', 'The Guardian's 100 best novels ever written', '1001 Books you must read before you die' and a smattering of other lists.

Highlighted books are ones I've read. If you scroll over a book and it turns green, clicking will take you to a review. Any new reviews will be noted up here or if I remove any books.

March 12/15- Just posted a review for "Pillars of the Earth" but I've also removed it from this list. It was an okay book but I don't think is deserving of being on this list.


Abbot, Edwin – Flatland
Abbott, John – Kit Carson
Abe, Kobo – The Face of Another
Abelard, Peter – The Letters of Abelard and Heloise
About, Edmond – The King of the Mountains
Achebe, Chinua – Arrow of God
Achebe, Chinua – Things Fall Apart
Achebe, Chinua – Anthills of the Savannah
Acker, Kathy – Blood and Guts in High School
Ackroyd, Peter - Hawksmoor
Ackroyd, Peter – The House of Doctor Dee
Ackroyd, Peter – The Lambs of London
Adams, Abigail & John Adams – The Letters of John and Abigail Adams
Adams, Douglas – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Adams, Douglas – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Adams, Douglas – The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul
Adams, Henry – Esther
Adams, Henry – Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
Adams, John – The Portable John Adams
Adams, Richard – Watership Down
Adomnan of Iona – The Life of St. Columba
Aeschylus – Prometheus Bound
Aeschylus – The Oresteia
Aesop – The Complete Fables
Aesopus – Aesop’s Fables
Agee, James – A Death in the Family
Ageyev, M. – Novel with Cocaine
Ahn, Junghyo – Silver Stallion
Akhmatova, Anna – Selected Poems
Alan-Fournier, Henri – Le Grand Meaulnes
Alberti, Leon Battista – On Painting
Alcott, Louisa May – The Inheritance
Alcott, Louisa May – Work
Aldington, Richard – Death of a Hero
Aldiss, Brian W – Non-Stop
Alger Jr., Horatio – Ragged Dick and Struggling Upward
Algren, Nelson – The Man with the Golden Arm
Alighieri, Dante – La Vita Nuova
Alighieri, Dante – The Divine Comedy
Allain, Marcel & Pierre Souvestre – Fantomas
Allende, Isabel – The House of the Spirits
Amado, Jorge – Tent of Miracles
Ambler, Eric – Cause for Alarm
Ambler, Eric – Epitaph for a Spy
Ambler, Eric – Journey into Fear
Ambler, Eric – The Mask of Dimitrios
Amis, Kingsley – Lucky Jim
Amis, Kingsley – The Green Man
Amis, Kingsley – The Old Devils
Amis, Martin – Dead Babies
Amis, Martin – London Fields
Amis, Martin – Money: A Suicide Note
Amis, Martin – The Information
Amis, Martin – Time’s Arrow
Anand, Mulk Raj – Untouchable
Anderson, Hans Christian – Fairy Tales and Stories
Anderson, Sherwood – Winesburg, Ohio
Andri, Ivo – The Bridge of the Drina
Angelou, Maya – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Anonymous – Alfred the Great
Anonymous – Beowulf
Anonymous – Buddhist Scriptures
Anonymous – Davy Crockett
Anonymous – Egil’s Saga
Anonymous – Hindu Myths
Anonymous – Hrafnkel’s Saga and Other Icelandic Stories
Anonymous – Krishna: The Beautiful Legend of God
Anonymous – Laxdaela Saga
Anonymous – Lazarillo De Tormes and the Swindler
Anonymous – Lives of the Later Caesars
Anonymous – Mahabharata
Anonymous – Njal’s Saga
Anonymous – Orkneyinga Saga
Anonymous – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Anonymous – Speaking of Siva
Anonymous – Ta Hsueh and Chung Yung
Anonymous – The Bhagavad Gita
Anonymous – The Bible
Anonymous – The Cloud of Unknowing and Other Works
Anonymous – The Dhammapada
Anonymous – The Epic of Gilgamesh
Anonymous – The Koran
Anonymous – The Laws of Manu
Anonymous – The Mabinogion
Anonymous – The Nibelungenlied
Anonymous – The Poem of the Cid
Anonymous – The Quest of the Holy Grail
Anonymous – The Ramayana
Anonymous – The Rig Veda
Anonymous – The Saga of Volsungs
Anonymous – The Song of Roland
Anonymous – The Thousand and One Nights
Anonymous – The Torah
Anonymous – The Vinland Sagas
Antin, Mary – The Promised Land
Apollonius of Rhodes – The Voyage of Argo
Appian – The Civil Wars
Apuleius, Lucius – The Golden Ass
Aquinas, Thomas – Selected Writings
Arbuthnot, J., Gay, J., Parnell, T., Pope, A., Swift, J. – Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus
Archer, Jeffrey – Kane and Abel
Arendt, Hannah – Between Past and Future
Arendt, Hannah – Eichmann in Jerusalem
Arendt, Hannah – On Revolution
Arendt, Hannah – The Portable Hannah Arendt
Ariosto, Ludovico – Orlando Furioso: Part I
Aristophanes – Lysistrata
Aristophanes – Poetics
Aristophanes – The Birds
Aristophanes – The Frogs
Aristotle – De Anima
Aristotle – The Art of Rhetoric
Aristotle – The Athenian Constitution
Aristotle – The Metaphysics
Aristotle – The Nicomachean Ethics
Aristotle – The Politics
Arlen, Michael – The Green Hat
Arrian – The Campaigns of Alexander
Asimov, Isaac – Foundation
Asimov, Isaac – I, Robot
Assis, Joaquim Maria Machado de – Dom Casmurro Jaoquim
Assis, Joaquim Maria Machado de – The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas
Atkinson, Kate – Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Attar, Farid-Ud-Din – The Conference of the Birds
Atwood, Margaret – Alias Grace
Atwood, Margaret – Cat’s Eye
Atwood, Margaret - Surfacing
Atwood, Margaret – The Blind Assassin
Atwood, Margaret – The Handmaid’s Tale
Atwood, Margaret – The Robber Bride
Auel, Jean – The Clan of the Cave Bear
Augustine of Hippo – City of God
Augustine of Hippo – Confessions
Aurelius, Marcus – Meditations
Austen, Jane – Emma
Austen, Jane – Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sandition
Austen, Jane – Mansfield Park
Austen, Jane – Persuasion
Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice
Austen, Jane – Sense and Sensibility
Auster, Paul – Moon Palace
Auster, Paul – Mr. Vertigo
Auster, Paul – The Book of Illusions
Auster, Paul – The Music of Chance
Auster, Paul – The New York Trilogy
Auster, Paul – Timbuktu
Auster, Paul – In the Country of Last Things
Avila, Teresa of – The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila


B, David - Epileptic
Babel, Isaac – Collected Stories
Bacon, Francis – The Essays
Bainbridge, Beryl - According to Queeney
Bainbridge, Beryl - The Bottle Factory Outing
Bainbridge, Beryl – Master Georgie
Bakeless, John – Daniel Boone
Baker, Nicholson – Room Temperature
Balchin, Nigel – Darkness Fall from the Air
Baldwin, James – Giovanni’s Room
Baldwin, James – Go Tell It on the Mountain
Ballard, J.G. – Cocaine Nights
Ballard, J.G. - Crash
Ballard, J.G. – Empire of the Sun
Ballard, J.G. – High Rise
Ballard, J.G. – Super-Cannes
Ballard, J.G. – The Atrocity Exhibition
Ballard, J.G. – The Drowned World
Ballard, J.G. – Millenium People
Balzac, Honore de – A Harlot High and Low
Balzac, Honore de – Cousin Bette
Balzac, Honore de – Cousin Pons
Balzac, Honore de – Eugenie Grandet
Balzac, Honore de – History of the Thirteen
Balzac, Honore de – Le Pere Goriot
Balzac, Honore de – Lost Illusions
Balzac, Honore de – Old Goriot
Balzac, Honore de – Selected Short Stories
Balzac, Honore de – The Black Sheep
Balzac, Honore de – The Wild Ass’ Skin
Banffy, Miklos – They Were Counted
Banks, Iain – Complicity
Banks, Iain – Dead Air
Banks, Iain – Consider Phlebas
Banks, Iain – The Crow Road
Banks, Iain - The Player of Games
Banks, Iain – The Wasp Factory
Banks, Lynne Reid – The L Shaped Room
Banks, Russell – Cloudsplitter
Banville, John – Shroud
Banville, John – The Book of Evidence
Banville, John – The Newton Letter
Banville, John – The Sea
Banville, John – The Untouchable
Barbusse, Henri – The Inferno
Barbusse, Henri – Under Fire
Baricco, Alessandro – Silk
Barker, Clive - Weaveworld
Barker, Pat – Another World
Barker, Pat – Regeneration
Barker, Pat – The Ghost Road
Barker, Nicola - Darkmans
Barnes, Djuna – Nightwood
Barnes, Julian - A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
Barnes, Julian – Flaubert’s Parrot
Barnes, Margaret Ayer – Years of Grace
Barrie, J.M. – Peter Pan
Barry, Sebastian – A Long Long Way
Barstow, Stan – A Kind of Loving
Barth, John – Giles Goat-Boy
Barth, John – The End of the Road
Barth, John – The Floating Opera
Barthelme, Donald – Amateurs
Barthelme, Donald – Come Back Dr. Caligari
Barthelme, Donald – Forty Stories
Barthelme, Donald – Sixty Stories
Barthelme, Donald – The Dead Father
Bashford, Howarth - Augustus Carp, Esq. by Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man
Basho, Matsuo – Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches
Basho, Matsuo – On Love and Barley
Bassani, Giorgio – The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
Bataille, Georges – Blue Noon
Bataille, Georges – Story of the Eye
Bataille, Georges – The Abbot C
Bates, HE – Fair Stood the Wind for France
Bates, HE – Love for Lydia
Baudelaire, Charles-Pierre – Baudelaire in English
Baudelaire, Charles-Pierre – Selected Poems
Baum, Frank L. – The Wonderful World of Oz
Bawden, Nina – Carrie’s War
Baxter, Stephen – The Time Ships
Bear, Greg – Darwin’s Radio
Beauvoir, Simone de – The Mandarins
Bechdel, Alison – Fun Home
Beckett, Samuel – How It Is
Beckett, Samuel – Mercier et Camier
Beckett, Samuel – Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unamable
Beckett, Samuel – Murphy
Beckett, Samuel – Waiting for Godot
Beckett, Samuel – Watt
Beckett, Samuel – Worstward Ho
Beckford, William – Vathek
Bede – The Age of Bede
Bede – The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro
Bede – The Ecclesiastical History of the English People
Bedford, Sybille – A Legacy
Beerhbohm, Max - Zuleika Dobson
Behan, Brendan – Borstal Boy
Behn, Aphra – Oroonoko
Bellamy, Edward – Looking Backwards
Bellow, Saul – Dangling Man
Bellow, Saul – Henderson the Rain King
Bellow, Saul – Herzog
Bellow, Saul – Humboldt’s Gift
Bellow, Saul – More Die of Heartbreak
Bellow, Saul – Mr. Sammler’s Planet
Bellow, Saul – Seize the Day
Bellow, Saul – The Adventures of Augie March
Bellow, Saul – The Dean’s December
Bellow, Saul – The Victim
Bellow, Saul – To Jerusalem and Back
Bennett, Alan – The Uncommon Reader
Bennett, Arnold – Clayhanger
Bennett, Arnold – The Old Wives Tale
Bennett, Arnold – Principles of Human Knowledge/Three Dialogues
Benson, EF – Queen Lucia
Bentley, EC – Trent’s Last Case
Berger, John – G
Berkeley, Anthony – The Poisoned Chocolates Case
Bernhard, Thomas – Concrete
Bernhard, Thomas - Correction
Bernhard, Thomas – Extinction
Bernhard, Thomas – Old Masters
Bernhard, Thomas – Wittgenstein’s Nephew
Bernhard, Thomas - Yes
Berniers, Louis de – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Berniers, Louis de – Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord
Beroul – The Romance of Tristan
Berton, Pierre – The Last Spike
Bester, Alfred – The Stars My Destination
Bierce, Ambrose – Tales of Soldiers and Civilians
Blackman, Malorie – Noughts and Crosses
Blackwood, Algernon – Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories
Blake, Nicholas – The Beast Must Die
Blake, William – The Complete Poems
Blanchot, Maurice – Death Sentence
Bligh, William – The Bounty Mutiny
Blyton, Enid – The Magic Faraway Tree
Boccaccio, Giovanni – Decameron
Boethius – The Consolation of Philiosophy
Bois, W.E.B. de – The Souls of Black Folk
Bolano, Roberto – The Savage Detectives
Boll, Heinrich – Billiards at Half-Past Nine
Boll, Heinrich – Group Portrait With Lady
Boll, Heinrich – The Clown
Boll, Heinrich – The Lost Honour of Katharine Blum
Boll, Heinrich – The Safety Net
Borges, John Luis – Ficciones
Borges, Jorg Luis – Labyrinths
Borges, Jorge Luis – A Universal History of Iniquity
Borges, Jorge Luis – Collected Fictions
Borges, Jorge Luis – The Aleph and Other Stories
Borowski, Tadeusz – This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen
Boswell, James – The Life of Samuel Johnson
Botton, Alain de – On Love
Bowen, Elizabeth – A World of Love
Bowen, Elizabeth – The Death of the Heart
Bowen, Elizabeth – Eva Trout
Bowen, Elizabeth – The Heat of the Day
Bowen, Elizabeth – The House in Paris
Bowen, Elizabeth – The Last September
Bowen, Elizabeth – To the North
Bowles, Jane – Two Serious Ladies
Bowles, Paul – The Sheltering Sky
Bowman, WE – The Ascent of Rum Doodle
Boyd, William – A Good Man in Africa
Boyd, William - Any Human Heart
Boyd, William – An Ice-Cream War
Boyle, T. Coraghessan – World’s End
Boyle, T. Coraghessen – Drop City
Bradbury, Malcolm – The History Man
Bradbury, Ray – Fahrenheit 451
Braddon, Elizabeth – Lady Audley’s Secret
Brahms, Caryl & SJ Simon – No Bed for Bacon
Braine, John – Room at the Top
Brautigan, Richard – In Watermelon Sugar
Brautigan, Richard – Willard and His Bowling Trophies
Brecht, Bertolt – Threepenny Novel
Breton, Andre – Arcanum 17
Breton, Andre – Nadja
Briggs, Raymond – When the Wind Blows
Brillat-Savarin, Jean-Anthelme – The Physiology of Taste
Brink, Andre – A Dry White Season
Brite, Poppy – Lost Souls
Brittain, Vera – Testament of Youth
Broch, Hermann – The Death of Virgil
Bromfield, Louis – Early Autumn
Bronte, Anne – Agnes Grey
Bronte, Anne – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Eyre
Bronte, Charlotte – Shirley
Bronte, Charlotte – The Professor
Bronte, Charlotte – Villette
Bronte, Emily – Wuthering Heights
Brookner, Anita – Look at Me
Brooks, Geraldine – March
Brown, Charles – Wieland
Brown, Rita Mae – Rubyfruit Jungle
Brown, William Wells – Clotel
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett – Aurora Leigh and Other Poems
Browning, Robert – Selected Poems
Buchan, John – The Thirty-Nine Steps
Buchan, John - Greenmantle
Buck, Frank – On Jungle Trails
Buck, Frank & Edward Anthony – Bring ‘em Back Alive
Buck, Pearl S. – The Good Earth
Budrys, Algis – Rogue Moon
Bulgakov, Mikhail – The Master and Margarita
Bulwer–Lytton, Edward – The Coming Race
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward – Last Days of Pompeii
Bunyan, John – Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
Bunyan, John – The Pilgrim’s Progress
Burgess, Anthony – A Clockwork Orange
Burgess, Anthony – Earthly Powers
Burgess, Anthony – The End of the World News
Burgess, Anthony – Inside Mr. Enderby
Burke, Edmund – Reflections on the Revolution in France
Burke, James Lee – The Neon Rain
Burke, James Lee – The Tin Roof Blowdown
Burnett, Frances Hodgson – A Little Princess
Burnett, Frances Hodgson – The Secret Garden
Burnett, WR – The Asphalt Jungle
Burney, Fanny – Camilla
Burney, Fanny – Cecilia
Burney, Frances – Evelina
Burney, Frances – Journals and Letters
Burns, Robert – Selected Poems
Burroughs, Edgar Rice – A Princess of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar Rice – Tarzan of the Apes
Burroughs, William – Junkie
Burroughs, William – Naked Lunch
Burroughs, William – Queer
Burroughs, William – The Wild Boys
Butler, Octavia - Kindred
Butler, Robert Olen – A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain
Butler, Samuel – Erewhon
Butler, Samuel – The Way of the Flesh
Butlin, Ron – The Sound of my Voice
Buzzati, Dino – The Tartar Steppe
Byatt, A.S. – Possession
Byatt, A.S. – The Virgin in the Garden
Byrne, Donn – Marco Polo
Byron, Lord – Don Juan
Byron, Lord – Selected Poems


Cable, George Washington – The Grandissimes
Cabot, Meg – The Princess Diaries
Caesar, Julius – Caesar’s Conquests
Caesar, Julius – The Civil War
Caesar, Julius – The Conquest of Gaul
Cahan, Abraham – The Rise of David Levinsky
Cain, James M – Double Indemnity
Cain, James M. – The Postman Always Rings Twice
Caldwell, Erskine – Tobacco Road
Calvino, Italo – The Baron in the Trees
Calvino, Italo – If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler
Calvino, Italo – Invisible Cities
Calvino, Italo – Our Ancestors
Calvino, Italo – The Castle of Crossed Destinies
Calvino, Italo – The Path to the Nest of Spiders
Campbell, Ramsey – The Influence
Camus, Albert – The Outsider
Camus, Albert – The Plague
Camus, Albert – The Rebel
Camus, Albert – The Stranger
Canetti, Elias – Auto-da-Fe
Capek, Karel – R.U.R.
Capote, Truman – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Capote, Truman – In Cold Blood
Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game
Carey, Peter - Illywhacker
Carey, Peter – Jack Maggs
Carey, Peter – Oscar and Lucinda
Carey, Peter – True History of the Ned Kelly Gang
Carpentier, Alejo – Kingdom of This World
Carr, John Dickson – The Hollow Man
Carre, JL – The Constant Gardener
Carre, JL – The Harpole Report
Carre, JL – A Month in the Country
Carre, JL – A Season in Sinji
Carre, JL – Smiley’s People
Carre, JL – The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
Carre, JL – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Carrington, Leonora – The Hearing Trumpet
Carroll, Lewis – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis – The Hunting of the Snark
Carroll, Lewis – Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There
Carter, Angela – Nights at the Circus
Carter, Angela – The Passion of New Eve
Carter, Angela – Wise Children
Cary, Joyce – The Horse’s Mouth
Cary, Joyce – Mister Johnson
Casanova, Giacomo – The Story of My Life
Casas, Bartolome de Las – A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies
Castellanos, Rosario – The Book of Lamentations
Castiglione, Baldesar – The Book of the Courtier
Castillo, Bernal Diaz del – Conquest of Mexico
Castillo, Bernal Diaz del – The Conquest of Spain
Cather, Willa – Coming, Aphrodite!
Cather, Willa – Death Comes for the Archbishop
Cather, Willa – A Lost Lady
Cather, Willa – My Antonia
Cather, Willa – O Pioneers!
Cather, Willa – One of Ours
Cather, Willa – The Professor’s House
Cather, Willa – The Song of the Lark
Catlin, George – North American Indians
Cavendish, Margaret – The Blazing World and Other Writings
Celan, Paul – Poems of Paul Celan
Celeste, Sour Maria – Letters to Father
Celine, Louis-Ferdinand – Journey to the End of Night
Cellini, Benvenuto – Autobiography
Cellini, Benvenuto – The Adventures of Cellini
Cervantes, Miguel de – Don Quixote
Cervantes, Miguel de – Exemplary Stories
Chabon, Michael – The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Chandler, Raymond – Farewell My Lovely
Chandler, Raymond – The Big Sleep
Chandler, Raymond – The Long Goodbye
Chang, Jung – Wild Swans
Chariton – Chaireas and Kallirhoe
Chase, Owen – The Loss of the Ship Essex, Sunk by a Whale
Chase, Jame – No Orchids for Miss Blandish
Chatwin, Bruce – In Patagonia
Chatwin, Bruce – On the Black Hill
Chaucer, Geoffrey – Love Visions
Chaucer, Geoffrey – The Canterbury Tales
Chaucer, Geoffrey – Troilus and Criseyde
Cheever, John – The Stories of John Cheever
Cheever, John – The Wapshot Chronicle
Chekhov, Anton – A Life in Letters
Chekhov, Anton – Lady with the Little Dog and Other Stories 1896-1904
Chekhov, Anton – Plays
Chekhov, Anton – The Cherry Orchard
Chekhov, Anton – The Shooting Party
Chekhov, Anton – Ward No.6 and Other Stories 1892-1895
Ch’eng-en, Wu - Monkey
Chesnutt, Charles W. – Conjure Tales and Stories of the Color Line
Chesnutt, Charles W. – The House Behind the Cedars
Chesnutt, Charles W. – The Marrow of Tradition
Chesterton, G.K. – The Man Who Was Thursday
Childers, Erskine – The Riddle of the Sands
Chirico, Giorgio de – Hebdomeros
Chopin, Kate – At Fault
Chopin, Kate – Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie
Chopin, Kate – The Awakening
Crispin, Edmund – The Case of the Gilded Fly
Christie, Agatha – And Then There Were None
Christie, Agatha – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Christie, Agatha – Murder on the Orient Express
Christie, Agatha – The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Christie, Agatha – The Secret Adversary
Churchill, Winston – The Crises
Churchill, Winston – The Gathering Storm
Cicero – On Government
Cicero – On the Good Life
Cicero – Selected Poems
Cicero – Selected Political Speeches
Cicero – Selected Works
Cicero – The Nature of Gods
Clare, John – Selected Poems
Clark, Walter Van Tillburn – The Oxbow Incident
Clarke, Arthur C. – Childhood’s End
Clarke, Arthur C. – 2001: A Space Odyssey
Clarke, Susanna – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Claus, Hugo – The Sorrow of Belgium
Clausewitz, Karl von – On War
Cleland, John – Fanny Hill
Cocteau, Jean – Les Enfants Terribles
Cody, “Buffalo” Bill – The Life and Adventures of Buffalo Bill
Coe, Jonathan – What a Carve Up!
Coelho, Paulo – The Alchemist
Coelho, Paulo – The Devil and Miss Prym
Coelho, Paulo – Veronika Decides to Die
Coetzee, J.M. – Disgrace
Coetzee, J.M. - Dusklands
Coetzee, J.M. – Elizabeth Costello
Coetzee, J.M. – Foe
Coetzee, J.M. – In the Heart of the Country
Coetzee, J.M. – Slow Man
Coetzee, J.M. – The Life and Times of Michael K
Coetzee, J.M. – The Master of Petersburg
Coetzee, J.M. – Waiting for the Barbarians
Coetzee, J.M. – Youth
Cohen, Albert – Belle du Seigneur
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor – Collected Works
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor – The Complete Poems
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle – The Vagabond
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle – Claudine a l’ecole
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle - Cheri
Colfer, Eoin – Artemis Fowl
Collins, Wilkie – Armadale
Collins, Wilkie – No Name
Collins, Wilkie – The Law and the Lady
Collins, Wilkie – The Woman in White
Collodi, Carlo – Pinocchio: The Tale of a Puppet
Columbus Christopher – The Four Voyages
Comnena, Anna – The Alexiad
Compton-Burnett, Ivy – Manservant and Maidservant
Condon, Ricahrd – The Manchurian Candidate
Coney, Michael – Hello Summer, Goodbye
Confucius – The Analects
Conrad, Joseph – Chance
Conrad, Joseph – Heart of Darkness
Conrad, Joseph – Lord Jim
Conrad, Joseph – Nostromo
Conrad, Joseph – The Nigger of the Narcissus
Conrad, Joseph – The Secret Agent
Conrad, Joseph – The Shadow-Line
Conrad, Joseph – Typhoon and Other Stories
Conrad, Joseph – Under Western Eyes
Conrad, Joseph – Victory
Constant, Benjamin – Adolphe
Cook, James – The Journals of Captain Cook
Cooper, James – Last of the Mohicans
Cooper, James – The Deerslayer
Cooper, James – The Pathfinder
Cooper, James – The Pioneers
Cooper, James – The Prairie
Cooper, James – The Spy
Coover, Robert – Pricksongs and Descants
Coover, Robert – The Public Burning
Corneille, Pierre – The Cid, Cinna, The Teatrical Illusion
Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe’s Eagle
Cornwell, Patricia – Postmortem
Coupland, Douglas – Girlfriend in a Coma
Coupland, Douglas – Microserfs
Coventry, Francis – The History of Pompey the Little
Cowley, Malcolm – Exile’s Return
Cozzens, James Gould – Guard of Honor
Crace, Jim – Arcadia
Crace, Jim – Being Dead
Crace, Jim - Quarantine
Crane, Stephen – Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
>Crane, Stephen – The Red Badge of Courage
Crichton, Michael – The Andromeda Strain
Chrichton, Michael – Jurassic Park
Crisp, Quentin – The Naked Civil Servant
Crompton, Richmal – Just William
Cross, Amanda – Poetic Justice
cummings, e.e. – the enormous room
Cunningham, Michael – A Home at the End of the World
Cunningham, Michael – The Hours


Dahl, Roald – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Dahl, Roald – Matilda
Dahl, Roald – The BFG
Dahl, Roald – The Twits
Dana Jr., Richard Henry – Two Years Before the Mast
Dangarembga, Tsitsi – Nervous Conditions
Danielewski, Mark – House of Leaves
Darrieussecq, Marie – Pig Tales
Darwin, Charles – Autobiographies
Darwin, Charles – The Descent of Man
Darwin, Charles – The Origin of Species
Darwin, Charles – The Voyage of the Beagle
David, Elizabeth – French Provincial Cooking
David, Elizabeth – Italian Food
David, Richard Harding – Soldiers of Fortune
Davies, Robertson – The Fifth Business
Davis, Harold – Honey in the Horn
Davis, Lydia – The End of the Story
Davydeen, David - Disappearance
Decartes, Rene – Discourse on Method and Related Writings
Decartes, Rene – Meditations and Other Metaphysical Writings
Defoe, Daniel – A Journal of the Plague Year
Defoe, Daniel – Moll Flanders
Defoe, Daniel – Roxana
Defoe, Daniel – The Storm
Deignton, Len – The Ipcress File
Delafield, EM – The Provincial Lady
Delaney, Samuel – The Einstein Intersection
DeLillo, Don - Libra
DeLillo, Don – Mao II
DeLillo, Don – Ratner’s Star
DeLillo, Don – The Body Artist
DeLillo, Don – The Names
DeLillo, Don – Underworld
DeLillo, Don – White Noise
Desani, G.V. – All About H. Hatterr
Deshpande, Shashi – Small Remedies
De Vries, Peter – Slouching Towards Kalamazoo
Dewey, John – How We Think
Dexter, Colin – Last Seen Wearing
Dexter, Colin – The Remorseful Day
Diaz, Junot – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Dibdin, Michael – Dead Lagoon
Dibdin, Michael – Dirty Tricks
Dibdin, Michael – Ratking
Dibdin, Michael – A Rich Full Death
Dibdin, Michael – Vendetta
Dick, Philip K. – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Dick, Philip – The Man in the High Castle
Dickens, Charles – A Christmas Carol
Dickens, Charles – A Tale of Two Cities
Dickens, Charles – American Notes for General Circulation
Dickens, Charles – Barnaby Rudge
Dickens, Charles – Bleak House
Dickens, Charles – David Copperfield
Dickens, Charles – Dombey and Son
Dickens, Charles – Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles – Hard Times
Dickens, Charles – Little Dorrit
Dickens, Charles – Martin Chuzzlewit
Dickens, Charles – Oliver Twist
Dickens, Charles – Our Mutual Friend
Dickens, Charles – Pictures from Italy
Dickens, Charles – Selected Journalism: 1850-1870
Dickens, Charles – Sketches by Boz
Dickens, Charles – The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Dickens, Charles – The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Dickens, Charles – The Old Curiosity Shop
Dickens, Charles – The Pickwick Papers
Dickey, James - Deliverance
Diderot, Denis – Jacques the Fatalist and His Master
Diderot, Denis – Rameau’s Nephew and D’Alembert’s Dream
Didion, Joan – Plays It As It Lays
Dillon, Eilis – The Bitter Glass
Dillon, John – The Greek Sophists
Dineson, Isak – Out of Africa
Dio, Cassius – The Roman History: The Reign of Augustus
Disch, Thomas – Camp Concentration
Disraeli, Benjamin – Sybil or The Two Nations
Doblin, Alfred – Berlin Alexanderplatz
Docterow, E.L. – Billy Bathgate
Docterow, E.L. – City of God
Docterow, E.L. - Ragtime
Docterow, E.L. – The Book of Daniel
Dodge, Jim – Stone Junction
Donleavy, JP – A Fairy Tale of New York
Donne, John – The Complete English Poems
Doolittle, Hilda – Asphodel
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – Crime and Punishment (1866)
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – Netochka Nezvanova
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – Notes from Underground, The Double
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – Poor Folk and Other Stories
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The Brothers Karamazov
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The Devils
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The Gambler, Bobok, A Nasty Story
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The House of the Dead
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The Idiot
Dostoyevsky, Feodor – The Village of Stepanchikovo
Doucet, Julie – My New York Diary
Douglas, Norman – South Wind
Douglass, Frederick – My Bondage and My Freedom
Douglass, Frederick – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – A Study in Scarlet
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Hound of the Baskervilles
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Lost World and Other Thrilling Tales
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Sign of Four
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Valley of Fear
Doyle, Roddy – The Commitments
Drabble, Margaret – The Millstone
Drabble, Margaret – The Radiant Way
Drabble, Margaret – The Red Queen
Drakuli, Slavenka – As If I Am Not There
Dreiser, Theodore – An American Tragedy
Dreiser, Theodore – Sister Carrie
Drury, Allen – Advise and Consent
Dryden, John – Selected Poems
Dumas, Alexandre – Camille
Dumas, Alexandre – Le Reine Margot
Dumas, Alexandre – The Black Tulip
Dumas, Alexandre – The Count of Monte Cristo
Dumas, Alexandre – The Man in the Iron Mask
Dumas, Alexandre – The Queen’s Necklace
Dumas, Alexandre – The Three Musketeers
Dunbar, Paul Laurence – Selected Poems
Duncker, Patricia – Hallucinating Foucault
Dunsany, Alfred – In the Land of Time
Duras, Marguerite – The Lover
Duras, Marguerite – The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein
Duras, Marguerite – The Vice-Consul
Durrell, Gerald – My Family and Other Animals
Durrell, Lawrence – Justine
Durrenmatt, Friedrich – The Judge and His Hangman
Durrenmatt, Friedrich – The Pledge


Eastlake, William – The Bamboo Bed
Eaugh, Evelyn – Decline and Fall
Eckhart, Meister – Selected Writings
Eco, Umberto – Foucault’s Pendulum
Eco, Umberto – The Name of the Rose
Edgeworth, Maria – Castle Rackrent
Edgeworth, Maria - Ennui
Edgeworth, Maria – Ormond
Edgeworth, Maria – The Absentee
Einhard – Two Lives of Charlemagne
Eliot, George – Adam Bede
Eliot, George – Daniel Deronda
Eliot, George – Felix Holt, the Radical
Eliot, George – Middlemarch
Eliot, George – Romola
Eliot, George – Scenes of Clerical Life
Eliot, George – Silas Marner
Eliot, George – The Lifted Veil and Brother Jacob
Eliot, George – The Mill on the Floss
Eliot, T.S. – The Waste Land and Other Poems
Ellis, Bret – American Psycho
Ellis, Bret – Glamorana
Ellis, Bret – Less than Zero
Ellison, Ralph – The Invisible Man
Ellroy, James – The Big Nowhere
Ellroy, James – The Black Dahlia
Ellroy, James – LA Confidential
Ellory, RJ – A Quiet Belief in Angels
Elsschot, Willem - Cheese
Emerson, Ralph Waldo – Nature
Emerson, Ralph Waldo – Self-Reliance
Endo, Shusaku - Silence
Silence by Shusaku Endo
Enright, Anne – The Gathering
Equiano, Olaudah – The Interesting Narrative
Erasmus, Desierius – Praise of Folly
Erckmann, Emile & Alexandre Chatrian – Waterloo (1868)
Eschenbach, Wolfram von – Parzival
Esquival, Laura – Like Water for Chocolate
Esterhazy, Peter – Celestial Harmonies
Eugenides, Jeffrey – Middlesex
Eugenides, Jeffrey – The Virgin Suicides
Euripides – Heracles
Euripides – Medea
Euripides – The Bacchae
Eusebius – The History of the Church


Faber, Michel – Under the Skin
Fanu, Sheridan le – In a Glass Darkly
Fanu, Sheridan le – Uncle Silas
Farina, Richard – Been Down So Long it Look Like Up to Me
Farrell, J.G. – The Siege of Krishnapur
Farrell, J.G. – The Singapore Grip
Farrell, J.G. - Troubles
Farrell, James T. – Studs Lonigan
Farrell, James T. – Young Lonigan
Faulkner, William – A Fable
Faulkner, William – Absalom, Absalom!
Faulkner, William – As I Lay Dying
Faulkner, William – Go Down, Moses
Faulkner, William – The Hamlet
Faulkner, William – The Portable Faulkner
Faulkner, William – The Reivers
Faulkner, William – Sanctuary
Faulkner, William – The Sound and the Fury
Faulks, Sebastien – Birdsong
Feist, Raymond – Magician
Ferber, Edna – So Big
Fielding, Helen – Bridget Jone’s Diary
Fielding, Henry – Amelia
Fielding, Henry – Joseph Andrews
Fielding, Henry – Tom Jones
Fielding, Sarah – The Adventures of David Simple
Firbank, Ronald - Caprice
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Jazz Age Stories
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Tender is the Night
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Beautiful and Damned
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – This Side of Paradise
Fitzgerald, Penelope – The Blue Flower
Flaubert, Gustave – A Sentimental Education
Flaubert, Gustave – Bouvard and Pecuchet
Flaubert, Gustave – Flaubert in Egypt
Flaubert, Gustave – Madame Bovary
Flaubert, Gustave – Salammbo
Flaubert, Gustave – Sentimental Education
Flaubert, Gustave – The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Flaubert, Gustave – Three Tales
Flavin, Martin – Journey in the Dark
Fleming, Ian – Casino Royale
Fleming, Ian – Goldfinger
Fleming, Ian – You Only Live Twice
Foer, Jonathan – Everything is Illuminated
Fontane, Theodore – Effi Briest
Fontane, Theodore – The Stechlin
Ford, Ford Madox – Parade’s End
Ford, Ford Madox – The Fifth Queen
Ford, Ford Madox – The Good Soldier
Ford, Richard – Independence Day
Ford, Richard – The Sportswriter
Forest, John W. de – Miss Ravenel’s Conversion from Secessions to Loyalty
Forster, E.M. – A Passage to India
Forster, E.M. – A Room with a View
Forster, E.M. – Howards End
Forster, E.M. – Selected Stories
Forster, E.M. – Where Angels Fear to Tread
Forester, CS – The African Queen
Foreseter, CS – The Ship
Forsyth, Frederick – The Day of the Jackal
Fowles, John – A Maggot
Fowles, John – The Collector
Fowles, John – The French Lieutenant’s Woman
Fowles, John – The Magus
Frame, Janet – Faces in the Water
France, Anatole – The Gods Will Have Blood
France, Marie de – The Lais of Marie de France
Frank, Anne - Diary of a Young Girl
Franklin, Benjamin – Benjamin Franklin
Franzen, Jonathan – The Corrections
Fraser, George – Flashman
Frayn, Michael – Spies
Frayn, Michael – Towards the End of the Morning
Frazer, James – The Golden Bough
Frazier, Charles – Cold Mountain
Frederic, Harold – The Damnation of Theron Ware
Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins – A New-England Nun
Freud, Esther – Hideous Kinky
Freud, Sigmund – Studies in Hysteria
Freud, Sigmund – The Joke and Its Relation to the Unconscious
Freud, Sigmund – The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
Freud, Sigmund – The Schreber Case
Freud, Sigmund – The Uncanny
Freud, Sigmund – The Wolfman and Other Cases
Frisch, Max – Homo Faber
Frisch, Max – I’m Not Stiller
Froissart, Jean – Chronicles
Frost, Robert – Early Poems
Fun, Shen – Six Records of a Floating Life
Fun, Shen – The School for Scandal


Gaddis, William – Agape Agape
Gaddis, William – Carpenter’s Gothic
Gaddis, William – JR
Gaddis, William – The Recognitions
Gaiman, Neil – American Gods
Galdes, Benit Perez – Fortunata and Jacinta
Galland, Antony – Arabian Nights (1704)
Gallico, Paul – Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris
Gallico, Paul – The Snow Goose
Galloway, Janice – The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Galsworthy, John – The Forsyte Saga
Galsworthy, John – The Man of Property
Garland, Alex – The Beach
Garner, Alan – Red Shift
Garner, Alan – Thursbitch
Gary, Romain – Promise at Dawn
Gary, Romain – The Roots of Heaven
Gaskell, Elizabeth – Cranford and Cousin Phillis
Gaskell, Elizabeth – Mary Barton
Gaskell, Elizabeth – North and South
Gaskell, Elizabeth – The Life of Charlotte Bronte
Gaskell, Elizabeth – Ruth
Gaskell, Elizabeth – Wives and Daughters
Gay, John – The Beggar’s Opera
Gemmell, David – Legend
Gerhardie, William – The Polygots
Gibbon, Edward – The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Gibbon, Lewis Grassic – A Scots Quair
Gibbon, Lewis Grassic – Sunset Song
Gibbons, Stella – Cold Comfort Farm
Gibson, William - Neuromancer
Gide, Andre – Fruits of the Earth
Gide, Andre – Strait is the Gate
Gide, Andre – The Counterfeiters
Gide, Andre – The Immoralist
Gide, Andre – The Vatican Cellar
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins – Herland, The Yellow Wall-Paper and Selected Writings
Gissing, George – Born in Exile
Gissing, George – New Grub Street
Gissing, George – The Odd Woman
Glasgow, Ellen – In This Our Life
Godwin, William – Caleb Williams
Godwin, William – The Adventures of Caleb Williams
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Elective Affinities
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Faust
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Maxims and Reflections
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Selected Verse
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – The Sorrows of Young Werther
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship
Gogol, Nikolai – Dead Souls
Gogol, Nikolai – Diary of a Madman and Other Stories
Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich – The Cossack Chief
Gogol, Nikolai – The Nose
Golden, Arthur – Memoirs of a Geisha
Golding, William – Lord of the Flies
Golding, William – Rites of Passage
Golding, William – To the Ends of the Earth
Goldman, William - The Princess Bride
Goldsmith, Oliver – The Vicar of Wakefield
Goncharov, Ivan – Oblomov
Gordimer, Nadine – Burger’s Daughter
Gordimer, Nadine – July’s People
Gorky, Maxim – Mother
Gorky, Maxim – The Artamonov Business
Goscinny, Rene – Asterix the Gaul
Gosse, Edmund – Father and Son
Gracq, Julien – The Opposing Shore
Grahame, Kenneth – The Wind in the Willows
Grant, Ulysses S. – Personal Memoirs
Grass, Gunter – Cat and Mouse
Grass, Gunter – The Tin Drum
Grau, Shirley Ann – The Keepers of the House
Graves, Robert – Count Belisarius
Gray, Alasdair – Lanark: A Life in Four Books
Greaves, Richard – Brewster’s Millions
Green, Henry – Back
Green, Henry – Blindness
Green, Henry – Caught
Green, Henry – Living
Green, Henry – Loving
Green, Henry – Party Going
Green, Michael – Squire Haggard’s Journal
Greene, Graham – A Burnt-Out Case
Greene, Graham – Brighton Rock
Greene, Graham – Complete Short Stories
Greene, Graham – England Made Me
Greene, Graham – Journey without Maps
Greene, Graham – Orient Express
Greene, Graham – Our Man in Havana
Greene, Graham – The Comedians
Greene, Graham – The End of the Affair
Greene, Graham – A Gun for Sale
Greene, Graham – The Heart of the Matter
Greene, Graham – The Honorary Consul
Greene, Graham – The Last Word
Greene, Graham – The Man Within
Greene, Graham – The Ministry of Fear
Greene, Graham – The Portable Graham Greene
Greene, Graham – The Power and the Glory
Greene, Graham – The Quiet American
Greene, Graham – The Third Man and The Fallen Idol
Greene, Graham – Travels with My Aunt
Greenwood, Walter – Love on the Dole
Grey, Zane – Riders of the Purple Sage
Grillet-Robbe, Alain – Jealousy
Grimm, Wilhelm – Selected Tales by Jacob
Grisham, John – The King of Torts
Grisham, John – A Time to Kill
Grossman, Vassily – Life and Fate
Grossmith, George & Weedon – Diary of a Nobody
Guareschi, Giovanni – The Little World of Don Camillo
Guthrie, A.B. Jr. – The Way West


Haasse, Hella – Forever a Stranger
Haddon, Mark – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Hage, Rawi – De Niro’s Game
Haggar d, H. Rider – Cleopatra (1889)
Haggard, H. Rider – King Solomon’s Mines
Haggard, H. Rider – She
Haldeman, Joe – The Forever War
Hale, Edward Everett - Man Without a Country
Hall, Radclyffe – The Well of Loneliness
Hamilton, Alexander – The Federalist Papers
Hamilton, Patrick – Hangover Square
Hammett, Dashiell – Red Harvest
Hammett, Dashiell – The Glass Key
Hammett, Dashiell – The Maltese Falcon
Hammett, Dashiell – The Thin Man
Hammett, Patrick – Hangover Square
Hamilton, Patrick – The Slaves of Solitude
Hamsen, Knut – Growth of the Soil
Hamsun, Knut – Hunger
Hamsun, Knut – Mysteries
Hamsun, Knut – Pan
Handke, Peter – Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick
Handke, Peter – The Afternoon of a Writer
Handke, Peter – The Left-Handed Woman
Hardy, Thomas – A Laodicean
Hardy, Thomas – Desperate Remedies
Hardy, Thomas – Far from the Madding Crowd
Hardy, Thomas – Jude the Obscure
Hardy, Thomas – Selected Poems
Hardy, Thomas – Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Hardy, Thomas – The Distracted Preacher
Hardy, Thomas – The Fiddler of the Reels
Hardy, Thomas – The Hand of Ethelberta
Hardy, Thomas – The Mayor of Casterbridge
Hardy, Thomas – The Pursuit of the Well-Beloved and The Well-Beloved
Hardy, Thomas – The Return of the Native
Hardy, Thomas – The Withered Arm
Hardy, Thomas – The Woodlanders
Hardy, Thomas – Two on a Tower
Hardy, Thomas – Under the Greenwood Tree
Harris, Joel Chandler – Nights with Uncle Remus
Harris, Joel Chandler – Uncle Remus
Harris, John – Covenant
Harris, Robert - Enigma
Harris, Robert – Fatherland
Harris, Thomas – Black Sunday
Harris, Thomas – Red Dragon
Harrison, M John - Light
Harte, Bret – Outcasts of Poker Flats
Harte, Bret – The Luck of Roaring Camp
Hartley, L.P. – The Go-Between
Hartley, LP – The Shrimp and the Anemone
Hasek, Jaroslav – The Good Soldier Svejk and His Fortunes in the World War
Hawes, Charles – The Dark Frigate
Hawes, Charles – The Mutineers
Hawthorne, Nathaniel – Selected Tales and Sketches
Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The Blithedale Romance
Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The House of the Seven Gables
Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The Marble Faun
Hawthrone, Nathaniel – The Scarlet Letter
Haywood, Eliza – Love in Excess
Hazzard, Shirley – The Transit of Venus
Head, Bessie – A Question of Power
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich – Introductory Lectures on Aesthetics
Heinlein, Robert – Stranger in a Strange Land
Heliodorus – Aithiopika
Heller, Joseph – Catch-22
Hemingway, Ernest – A Farewell to Arms
Hemingway, Ernest – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Hemingway, Ernest – The Old Man and the Sea
Hemingway, Ernest – The Sun Also Rises
Hemingway, Ernest – To Have and Have Not
Hemon, Aleksander – Nowhere Man
Hemple, Amy – Reasons to Live
Henry, O. – Selected Stories
Henty, G.A. – In the Reign of Terror
Henty, G.A. – The Lion of the North
Henty, G.A. – Won by the Sword
Heraclitus – Fragments
Herbert, Frank – Dune
Herbert, George – The Complete English Poems
Herge, Georges – The Castafiore Emerald
Herge, Georges – The Crab with the Golden Claws
Herge, Georges – Tintin in Tibet
Herodotus – The Histories
Herr, Michael – Dispatches
Hersey, John – A Bell for Adano
Hesiod & Theognis – Hesiod and Theognis
Hesse, Hermann – Narziss and Goldmund
Hesse, Herman – Rosshalde
Hesse, Herman – Siddartha
Hesse, Herman – Steppenwolf
Hesse, Herman – The Glass Bead Game
Heyer, Georgette – Regency Buck
Hiaasen, Carl – Tourist Season
Higgins, George – The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth – Army Life in a Black Regiment
Highsmith, Patricia – The Talented Mr. Ripley
Highsmith, Patricia – Strangers on a Train
Hijuelos, Oscar – The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
Hill, Reginald – Bones and Silence
Himes, Chester – A Rage in Harlem
Hines, Chester – A Kestrel for a Knave
Hines, Chester – Blind Man with a Pistol
Hoban, Russell – Riddley Walker
Hobbes, Thomas – Leviathan
Hodgkins, Eric – Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House
Hodgson, William – The House on the Borderland
Hoeg, Peter – Smilla’s Sense of Snow
Hoffman, E.T.A. – Tales of Hoffman
Hoffman, E.T.A. – The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr
Hofmann, Gert – The Parable of the Blind
Hogg, James – The Private Memoirs & Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Holderlin, Friedrich – Hyperion
Holderlin, Friedrich – Selected Poems and Fragments
Hollinghurst, Alan – The Folding Star
Hollinghurst, Alan – The Line of Beauty
Hollinghurst, Alan – The Swimming-Pool Library
Holtby, Winifred – South Riding
Homer – Homeric Hymns
Homer – The Iliad
Homer – The Odyssey
Hope, Anthony – The Prisoner of Zenda and Rupert of Hentzau
Hopkins, Gerard Manley – Poems and Prose
Horace – Satires and Epistles, Persius, Satires
Horace – The Complete Odes and Epodes
Hornby, Nick – High Fidelity
Hornung, E.W. – Raffles
Hornschemeier, Paul – The Three Paradoxes
Hosseini, Khaled – The Kite Runner
Houellebecq, Michael – Elementary Particles
Houellebecq, Michael – Platform
Houellebecq, Michael – Whatever
Houellebecq, Michel - Atomised
Hough, Emerson – The Covered Wagon
Household, Geoffrey – Rogue Male
Howe, Irving – An American Tragedy
Howells, William Dean – A Hazard of New Fortunes
Howells, William Dean – A Modern Instance
Hrabal, Bohumil – I Served the King of England
Hudson, William – Green Mansions
Hughes, Thomas – Tom Brown’s School Days
Hughes, Richard – A High Wind in Jamaica
Hugo, Victor – Les Miserables
Hugo, Victor – Notre-Dame of Paris
Hugo, Victor – Selected Poms
Hugo, Victor – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hume, David – Dialogues Concerning Natural Religions
Hurston, Zora – Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hustvedt, Siri – What I Loved
Huxley, Aldous – Antic Hay
Huxley, Aldous – Brave New World
Huxley, Aldous – Crome Yellow
Huxley, Aldous – Eyeless in Gaza
Huxley, Elspeth – The Flame Trees of Thika
Huysman, Karl – Against Nature
Huysman, Karl – The Damned
Huysmans, Joris-Karl – Against the Grain
Hynes, James – The Lecturer’s Tale


Ibsen, Henrik – A Doll’s House
Ibsen, Henrik – Brand
Ibsen, Henrik – Hedda Gabler
Ibsen, Henrik – Peer Gynt
Ibsen, Henrik – The Master Builder
Iles, Francis – Malice Aforethought
Imlay, Gilbert – The Emigrants
Indridason, Arnadur – Silence of the Grave
Innes, Michael – Death at the President’s Lodging
Irving, John – A Prayer for Owen Meany
Irving, John – The Cider House Rules
Irving, John – The World According to Garp
Irving, Washington – Rip Van Winkle
Irving, Washington – The Headless Horseman
Isherwood, Christopher – Goodbye to Berlin
Isherwood, Christopher – The Last of Mr. Norris
Isherwood, Christopher – Mr Norris Changes Trains
Ishiguro, Kazuo – A Pale View of Hills
Ishiguro, Kazuo – An Artist of the Floating World
Ishiguro, Kazuo – Never Let Me Go
Ishiguro, Kazuo – Remains of the Day
Ishiguro, Kazuo – The Unconsoled


Jackson, Shirley – The Haunting of Hill House
Jacobs, Harriet – Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Jacobsen, Howard – The Mighty Walzer
James, Henry – A Life in Letters
James, Henry – Daisy Miller
James, Henry – Italian Hours
James, Henry – Roderick Hudson
James, Henry – Selected Tales
James, Henry – The Ambassadors
James, Henry – The American
James, Henry – The Awkward Age
James, Henry – The Bostonians
James, Henry – The Europeans
James, Henry – The Figure in the Carpet
James, Henry – The Golden Bowl
James, Henry – The Portable Henry James
James, Henry – The Portrait of a Lady
James, Henry – The Princess Casamassima
James, Henry – The Spoils of Poynton
James, Henry – The Turn of the Screw and the Aspern Papers
James, Henry – The Wings of a Dove
James, Henry – Washington Square
James, Henry – What Maisie Knew
James, PD – The Children of Men
James, PD – Cover her Face
James, PD – A Taste for Death
James, William – Notes on the State of Virginia
James, William – Pragmatism and Other Writings
James, William – Varieties of Religious Experience
Jameson, Storm – A Day Off
Janson, Tove – The Summer Book
Jarrell, Randall – Pictures from an Institution
Jeffries, Richard – After London or Wild England
Jelinek, Elfriede – The Piano Teacher
Jenkins, Elizabeth – The Tortoise and the Hare
Jerome, Jerome K. – Three Men in a Boat and Three Men on the Bummel
Jewett, Sarah Orne – The Country of the Pointed Firs
Johnson, BS – Albert Angelo
Johnson, BS – House Mother Normal
Johnson, BS – Trawl
Johnson, BS – The Unfortunates
Johnson, James Weldon – Complete Poems
Johnson, James Weldon – God’s Trombones
Johnson, James Weldon – Lift Every Voice and Sing
Johnson, James Weldon – The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man
Johnson, Josephine Winslow – Now in November
Johnson, Samuel – A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland and The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
Johnson, Samuel – Rasselas
Johnson, Samuel – Selected Essays
Johnson, Uwe - Jahrestage
Joinville, Jean de – Chronicles of the Crusades
Jones, David – In Parenthesis
Jones, James – From Here to Eternity
Jones, Edward P. – The Known World
Jones, Gwyneth – Bold as Love
Jong, Erica – Fear of Flying
Jonson, Ben – Volpone and Other Plays
Josephus, Flavius – The Jewish War
Joyce, James – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce, James – Babbitt
Joyce, James – Dubliners
Joyce, James – Finnegans Wake
Joyce, James – Ulysses
Junger, Ernst – Storm of Steel
Jung-rae, Jo – The Taebek Moutains
Justinian – The Digest of Roman Law
Juvenal – Sixteen Satires


Kadare, Ismail – Broken April
Kadare, Ismael – Chronicle in Stone
Kadare, Ismail – Spring Flowers, Spring Frost
Kafka, Franz – Amerika
Kafka, Franz – The Castle
Kafka, Franz – The Trial
Kalidasa – The Recognition of Sakuntala
Kant, Immanuel – Critique of Pure Reason
Kantor, MacKinlay – Andersonville
Kawabata, Yasunari – Beauty and Sadness
Kawabata, Uasunari – The Sound of the Mountain
Kaye, Mary – The Far Pavilions
Kazantzakis, Nikos – The Last Temptation of Christ
Kazantzakis, Nikos – Zorba the Greek
Keane, Molly – Good Behaviour
Keats, John – The Complete Poems
Keillor, Garrison – Lake Wobegon Days
Kelman, James – A Disaffection
Kelman, James – How late it was, how late
Kelman, James – The Bus Conductor Hines
Kemal, Yasar – Memet my Hawk
Kemelman, Harry – Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
Kempe, Margery – The Book of Margery Kempe
Kempis, Thomas A. – The Imitation of Christ
Keneally, Thomas – Schindler’s Ark
Keneally, Thomas – Confederates
Kennedy, AL - Day
Kennedy, AL – Everything You Need
Kennedy, AL – Looking for the Possible Dance
Kennedy, William – Ironweed
Kent, Pamela – Moon over Africa
Kerouac, Jack – On the Road
Kertesz, Imre – Fateless
Kesey, Ken – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Kesey, Ken – Sometimes a Great Nation
Keyes, Daniel – Flowers for Algernon
Khayyam, Omar – The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam
Kierkegaard, Soren – A Literary Review
Kierkegaard, Soren – Either/Or
Kierkegaard, Soren – Fear and Trembling
Kierkegaard, Soren – Sickness unto Death
King, Stephen – Dolores Claiborne
King, Stephen - Misery
King, Stephen – The Shining
King, Stephen – The Stand
Kingsley, Charles – The Water-Babies
Kingsley, Charles – Westward Ho!
Kingsolver, Barbara – The Poisonwood Bible
Kingston, Maxine – The Woman Warrior
Kipling, Rudyard – Captains Courageous
Kipling, Rudyard – Just-So Stories
Kipling, Rudyard – Kim
Kipling, Rudyard – The Jungle Book
Kleist, Heinrich von – The Marquise of O
Koestler, Arthut – Darkness at Noon
Kornbluth, CB & Frederick Pohl – The Space Merchants
Kosinski, Jerzy – The Painted Bird
Kotzwinkle, William – The Fan Man
Kotzwinkle, William – The Midnight Examiner
Krasznahorkai, Laszlo – The Melancholy of Resistance
Kraus, Harl – The Last Days of Humanity
Kundera, Milan – Ignorance
Kundera, Milan – The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
Kundera, Milan – The Joke
Kundera, Milan – The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Kureishi, Hanif – Gabriel’s Gift
Kureishi, Hanif – Intimacy
Kureishi, Hanif – The Buddha of Suburbia
Kurkov, Andrey – Death and the Penguin
Kyong-ni, Park - Land


Laclos, Pierre Choderlos de – Dangerous Liasons
Lafarge, Oliver – Laughing Boy
Lafayette, Madame de – The Princesse de Cleves
Lagerlof, Selma – Gosta Berling’s Saga
Lahiri, Jhumpa – Interpreter of Maladies
Lampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi di – The Leopard
Lanchester, John – The Debt to Pleasure
Langland, William – Piers the Ploughman
Lardner, Ring – Selected Stories
Larkin, Phillip – A Girtl in Winter
Larsen, Nella – Passing
Larsen, Nella – Quicksand
Laski, Marghanita – The Victorian Chaise-longue
Lautreamont – Maldoror and Poems
Lawrence, DH – Aaron’s Rod
Lawrence, DH – Apocalypse
Lawrence, DH – Complete Poems
Lawrence, DH – DH Lawrence and Italy
Lawrence, DH – Lady Chatterly’s Lover
Lawrence, DH – Sea and Sardinia
Lawrence, DH – Sons and Lovers
Lawrence, DH – Studies in Classic American Literature
Lawrence, DH – The Fox, The Captain’s Doll, The Ladybird
Lawrence, DH – The Plumed Serpent
Lawrence, DH – The Rainbow
Lawrence, DH – Women in Love
Laxness, Halldor – Independent People
Leavitt, David – Lost Language of Cranes
Lee, Harper – To Kill a Mockingbird
Lee, Laurie – Cider with Rosie
Le Guin, Ursula – The Earthsea Series
Le Guin, Ursula – The Left Hand of Darkness
Lehmann, Rosamund – The Echoing Grove
Lehmann, Rosamond – Invitation to the Waltz
Lehmann, Rosamond – The Weather in the Streets
Lem, Stanislaw – Solaris
Lenin, VI – The State and Revolution
Lennox, Charlotte – The Female Quixote
Lenz, Siegfried – The German Lesson
Leonard, Elmore – 52 Pick-up
Leonard, Elmore – City Primeval
Leonard, Elmore – Get Shorty
Leonard, Elmore – La Brava
Leopardi, Giacomo – The Complete Poems of Giacomo Leopardi
Lermontov, Mikhail – A Hero of Our Time
Lesage, Alan-Rene – L’Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane
Leskov, Nicolai – The Enchanted Wanderer
Lessing, Doris - Shikasta
Lessing, Doris – The Diary of Jane Somers
Lessing, Doris – The Golden Notebook
Lessing, Doris – The Grass is Singing
Lessing, Doris – Memoirs of a Survivor
Lethem, Jonathon – Motherless Brooklyn
Levi, Carlo – Christ Stopped at Eboli
Levi, Primo – If Not Now, When?
Levi, Primo – If This Is a Man
Levi, Primo – The Drowned and the Saved
Levi, Primo – The Monkey’s Wrench
Lewis, CS – The Chronicles of Narnia
Lewis, MG – The Monk
Lewis, Matthew – The Monk
Lewis, Meriwether & William Clark – The Journals of Lewis and Clark
Lewis, Sinclair – Arrowsmith
Lewis, Sinclair – Babbitt
Lewis, Sinclair – Elmery Gantry
Lewis, Sinclair – Main Street
Lewis, Wyndham – Self Condemned
Lewis, Wyndham – Tarr
Lewis, Wyndham – The Apes of God
Lewis, Wyndham – The Childermass
Lewis, Wyndham – The Revenge for Love
Lindgren, Astrid – Pippi Longstocking
Lindsay, David – A Voyage to Arcturus
Lispector, Clarice – The Hour of the Star
Lispector, Clarice – The Passion According to G.H.
Livy, Titus – Rome and the Mediterranean
Livy, Titus – The Early History of Rome
Livy, Titus – The War with Hannibal
Llewellyn, Richard – How Green was My Valley
Llosa, Mario Vargas – The Cubs and Other Stories
Llosa, Mario Vargas – The Feast of the Goat
Locke, John – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Lodge, David – Changing Places
Lodge, David – Nice Work
London, Jack – Martin Eden
London, Jack – Northland Stories
London, Jack – The Call of the Wild
London, Jack – The Cruise of the Snark
London, Jack – The Iron Heel
London, Jack – The Sea Wolf
London, Jack – White Fang
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – Evangeline
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – Selected Poems
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – The Courtship of Miles Standish
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – The Song of Hiawatha
Longus – Daphnis and Chloe
Loos, Anita – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
Lorca, Federico Garcia – Gypsy Ballads
Lorde, Audre - Zami
Lovecraft, HP – At the Mountains of Madness
Lovecraft, HP – The Call of Cthulhu
Lovecraft, HP – The Dreams in the Witch House
Lovecraft, HP – The Thing on the Doorstep
Lowry, Malcolm – Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid
Lowry, Malcolm – Under the Volcano
Lucian – Chattering Courtesans and Other Sardonic Sketches
Lucretius – On the Nature of the Universe
Ludlum, Robert – The Bourne Identity
Lurie, Alison – Foreign Affairs
Lyly, John – Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit


Maalouf, Amin – Samarkand
Macaulay, Rose – The Towers of Trebizond
MacDonald, George – The Complete Fairy Tales
Macdonell, AG – England, Their England
Machiavelli, Niccolo – The Discourses
Machiavelli, Niccolo – The Prince
MacInnes, Colin – Absolute Beginners
Maclaren-Ross, Julian – Of Love & Hunger
Macleod, Ken – The Night Sessions
Mackenzie, Compton – Whisky Galore
Mackenzie, Henry – The Man of Feeling
MacLean, Alistair – The Guns of Navarone
MacPherson, Ian – Wild Harbour
Madsen, David – Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf
Magorian, Michelle – Goodnight Mister Tom
Mahfous, Naguib – Children of Gebelawi
Mahfous, Naguib – Palace Walk
Mailer, Norman – The Executioner’s Song
Mailer, Norman – The Naked and the Dead
Malamud, Bernard – The Assistant
Malamud, Bernard – The Fixer
Malory, Thomas – Le Morte d’Arthur: Volume I
Malory, Thomas – Le Morte d’Arthur: Volume II
Malouf, David – Remembering Babylon
Malraux, Andre – La Condition Humaine
Mankell, Henning - Sidetracked
Mann, Heinrich – Professor Unrat
Mann, Klaus – Mephisto
Mann, Thomas – Buddenbrooks
Mann, Thomas – Death in Venice
Mann, Thomas – Doctor Faustus
Mann, Thomas – The Magic Mountain
Manning, Frederic – Her Privates We
Olivia, Manning – Fortunes of War
Mansfield, Katherine – The Garden Party
Manson, Peter – Adjunct: An Undigest
Mantel, Hilary – Beyond Black
Manzoni, Alessandro – The Betrothed
Marai, Sandor – Embers
Maraini, Dacia – The Silent Duchess
Marcellinus, Ammianus – The Later Roman Empire
Marias, Javier – A Heart So White
Markson, David – Vanishing Point
Markson, David – Wittgenstein’s Mistress
Marlowe, Christopher – The Complete Plays
Marquand, John Phillips – The Late George Apley
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – Autumn of the Patriarch
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – Love in the Time of Cholera
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – One Hundred Years of Solitude
Marryat, Frederick – The Children of the New Forest
Marryat, Captain Frederick – Mr. Midshipman Easy
Marryat, Captain Frederick – The Little Savage
Martel, Yann – Life of Pi
Martin, G. – Domesday Book
Maupin, Armistead – Tales of the City
Marvell, Andrew – The Complete Poems
Marx, Karl – Das Kapital
Marx, Karl – Early Writings
Marx, Karl – Grundrisse
Mason, A.E.W. – The Four Feathers
Matheson, Richard – I Am Legend
Mathews, Harry - Cigarettes
Maturin, Charles Robert – Melmouth the Wanderer
Maturin, Charles Robert – The Albigenses
Maugham, Somerset – Cakes and Ale
Maugham, Somerset – Collected Short Stories
Maugham, Somerset – Of Human Bondage
Maugham, Somerset – The Moon and Sixpence
Maugham, Somserset – Mrs. Craddock
Maugham, Somerset – The Razor’s Edge
Maupassant, Guy de – A Parisian Affair
Maupassant, Guy de – A Woman’s Life
Maupassant, Guy de – Bel-Ami
Maupassant, Guy de – Pierre and Jean
Maupassant, Guy de – The Flayed Hand
Maurier, Daphne du – My Cousin Rachel
Maurier, Daphne du – The Parasites
Maurier, Daphne du – Rebecca
Maxwell, William – The Chateau
Maxwell, William – So Long, See You Tomorrow
Mayor, FM – The Rector’s Daughter
Mazzantini, Margaret – Don’t Move
McBain, Ed – Cop Hater
McCabe, Patrick – The Butcher Boy
McCarthy, Mary – The Group
McCarthy, Cormac – Blood Meridian
McCarthy, Cormac – No Country for Old Men
McCarthy, Cormac – The Road
McCollough, Colleen – The Thorn Birds
McCoy, Horace – They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
McCullers, Carson – The Member of the Wedding
McCullers, Carson – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
McCulley, Johnston – The Mark of Zorro
McEwan, Ian - Amsterdam
McEwan, Ian – Atonement
McEwan, Ian – Black Dogs
McEwan, Ian – Enduring Love
McEwan, Ian – Saturday
McEwan, Ian – The Cement Garden
McEwan, Ian – The Child in Time
McEwan, Ian – The Comfort of Strangers
McEwan, Ian – Enduring Love
McGahern, John – Amongst Women
McGahern, John – That They Man Face the Rising Sun
McGowan, Heather – Schooling
McInerney, Jay – Bright Lights, Big City
McMurtry, Larry – Lonesome Dove
McPherson, James Alan – Elbow Room
Mda, Zakes – The Heart of Redness
Meander – Plays and Fragments
Melville, Herman – Bartleby the Scrivener
Melville, Herman – Billy Budd, Foretopman
Melville, Herman – Moby Dick
Melville, Herman – Pierre
Melville, Herman – Redburn
Melville, Herman – The Confidence-Man
Mercurio, Jed - Ascent
Meredith, George – The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
Meredith, George – The Egoist
Michaels, Anne – Fugitive Pieces
Michener, James A. – Tales of the South Pacific
Middleton, Thomas – Five Plays
Mieville, China – The Scar
Mill, John Stuart – On Liberty
Mill, John Stuart – Utilitarianism
Millay, Edna St. Vincent – Early Poems
Miller, Andrew – Ingenious Pain
Miller, Arthur – All My Sons
Miller, Arthur – Death of a Salesman
Miller, Arthur – The Crucible
Miller, Arthur – The Man Who Had All the Luck
Miller, Arthur – The Portable Arthur Miller
Miller, Caroline – Lamb in His Bosom
Miller, Henry – Tropic of Cancer
Miller, Henry – Tropic of Capricorn
Miller, Isabel – Patience and Sara
Miller, Walter M Jr – A Canticle for Leibowitz
Millhauser, Steven – Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer
Milligan, Spike – Puckoon
Mills, Magnus – The Restraint of Beasts
Milne, A.A. – Winnie the Pooh
Milton, John – Paradise Lost
Milton, John – The Complete Poems
Mishima, Yukio – The Sea of Fertility
Mishra, Pankaj – The Romantics
Mistry, Rohinton – A Fine Balance
Mistry, Rohinton – Family Matters
Mitchell, David – Cloud Atlas
Mitchell, Margaret – Gone With the Wind
Mitford, Nancy – Love in a Cold Climate
Mitford, Nancy – The Pursuit of Love
Mo, Timothy – Sour Sweet
Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin – Tartuffe
Moliere, Jean-Baptiste – The Misanthrope
Moliere, Jean-Baptiste – The Miser
Momaday, Scott – House Made of Dawn
Monsarrat, Nicholas – The Cruel Sea
Montaigne, Michael de – An Apology for Raymond Sebond
Montaigne, Michael de – The Complete Essays
Montesquieu – The Persian Letters
Montgomery, L.M. – Anne of Green Gables
Moorcock, Michael – Mother London
Moore, Alan & David Gibbons – Watchmen
Moore, Brian – The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
Moore, Lorrie - Anagrams
Moore, Lorrie – Like Life
Moore, Lucy – Con Men and Cut Purses
Moore, Marianne – Complete Poems
Moore, Marianne – Selected Letters
Morante, Elsa – History
Morante, Elsa – Arturo’s Island
Moravia, Alberto – A Ghost at Noon
Moravia, Alberto – Disobedience
Moravia, Alberto – The Time of Indifference
More, Thomas – Utopia
Morike, Eduard – Mozart’s Journey to Prague and a Selection of Poems
Morris, William – News from Nowhere and Other Writings
Morrison, Toni – Beloved
Morrison, Toni – Jazz
Morrison, Toni – Song of Solomon
Morrison, Toni - Sula
Morrison, Toni – The Bluest Eye
Mortimer, John – Charace
Mortimer, John – Titmuss Regained
Mosley, Walter – Devil in a Blue Dress
Mulisch, Harry – The Discovery of Heaven
Multatuli – Max Havelaar
Munro, HH – The Complete Saki
Munro, Alice – Who Do You Think You Are?
Munry, Talbot – King of the Khyber Rifles
Murakami, Haruki – After the Quake
Murakami, Haruki – Kafka on the Shore
Murakami, Haruki – Norwegian Wood
Murakami, Haruki – Sputnik Sweetheart
Murakami, Haruki – The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Murdoch, Iris – A Fairly Honourable Defeat
Murdoch, Iris – A Severed Head
Murdoch, Iris – Nuns and Soldiers
Murdoch, Iris – The Bell
Murdoch, Iris – The Black Prince
Murdoch, Iris – The Good Apprentice
Murdoch, Iris – The Nice and the Good
Murdoch, Iris – The Sea, The Sea
Murdoch, Iris – Under the Net
Musil, Robert – The Confusions of Young Torless
Musil, Robert – The Man Without Qualities


Nabokov, Vladimir - Ada
Nabokov, Vladimir – Lolita
Nabokov, Vladimir – Pale Fire
Nabokov, Vladimir – Pnin
Naipaul, VS – A Bend in the River
Naipaul, VS – Enigma of Arrival
Naipaul, VS – Fireflies
Naipaul, VS – A House for Mr Biswas
Naipaul, VS – In A Free State
Narayan, RK – Malgudi Days
Narayan, RK – The Painter of Signs
Narayan, RK – The Guide
Narayan, RK – The Man-Eater of Malgudi
Nashe, Thomas – The Unfortunate Traveller
Navarre, Marguerite de – The Heptameron
Nemirovsky, Irene – Suite Francaise
Neruda, Pablo – Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
Nesbit, E. – Five Children
Newman, John Henry – Apologia pro Vita Sua
Nietzsche, Friedrich – A Nietzsche Reader
Nietzsche, Friedrich – Beyond Good and Evil
Nietzsche, Friedrich – Ecce Homo
Nietzsche, Friedrich – The Birth of Tragedy
Nietzsche, Friedrich – The Twilight of the Idols and the Anti-Christ
Nietzsche, Friedrich – Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Nin, Anais – Delta of Venus
Ninh, Bao – The Sorrow of War
Niven, Larry – Ringworld
Noon, Jeff - Vurt
Nooteboom, Cees – All Souls Day
Nooteboom, Cees - Rituals
Nordhoff, Charles & James Hall – Mutiny on the Bounty
Nordhoff, Charles & James Hall – Pitcairn’s Island
Norris, Frank – McTeague
Norris, Frank – The Octopus
Norris, Frank – The Pit
Norwich, Julian of – Revelations of Divine Love
Nothamb, Amelie – Fear and Trembling


O’Brien, Edna – August is a Wicked Month
O’Brien, Edna – Girl With Green Eyes
O’Brien, Edna – In the Forest
O’Brien, Edna – The Country Girls
O’Brien, Flann – At Swim-Two-Birds
O’Brien, Flann – The Poor Mouth
O’Brien, Flann – The Third Policeman
O’Brien, Tim – The Things They Carried
O’Connor, Edwin – The Edge of Sadness
O’Connor, Flannery – A Good Man is Hard to Find
O’Connor, Flannery – Everything That Rises Must Converge
O’Connor, Flannery – The Violent Bear it Away
O’Connor, Flannery – Wise Blood
O’Hanlon, Ardal – The Talk of the Town
O’Neill, Eugene – Early Plays
O’Neill, Eugene – Long Day’s Journey Into Night
O’Neill, Jamie – At Swim, Two Boys
Oates, Joyce Carol – Black Water
Oates, Joyce Carol – Blonde
Oates, Joyce Carol – Marya
Oates, Joyce Carol – Them
Oe, Kenzaburo – Pluck the Bud and Destroy the Offspring
Oe, Kenzaburo – Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness
O’Hagan, Andrew – Personality
Okri, Ben – The Famished Road
Ondaatje, Michael – The English Patient
Oppenheim, E Phillips – The Great Impersonation
Oppenheim, E Phillips – The Strange Borders of Palace Crescent
Orczy, Baroness Emmuska – The Scarlet Pimpernel
Orwell, George – 1984
Orwell, George – Animal Farm
Orwell, George – Burmese Days
Orwell, George – Coming Up for Air
Orwell, George – Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Ouida – Under Two Flags
Ovid – Heroides
Ovid – Metamorphoses
Ovid – The Erotic Poems
Ozdamar, Emine – Life is a Caravanserai


Pagnol, Marcel – Manon des Sources
Paine, Thomas – Common Sense
Paine, Thomas – Rights of Man
Paine, Thomas – The Thomas Paine Reader
Palahniuk, Chuck – Choke
Palahniuk, Chuck – Fight Club
Pamuk, Orhan – My Name is Red
Paretsky, Sara - Blacklist
Paretsky, Sara – Toxic Shock
Parker, Dorothy – Complete Stories
Parkman, Francis – The Conspiracy of the Pontiac
Parkman, Francis – The Oregon Trail
Pascal, Blaise – Pensees
Pasolini, Pier Paulo – The Ragazzi Pier
Passos, John Dos – Manhattan Transfer
Passos, John Dos – Three Soldiers
Passos, John Dos – U.S.A.
Pasternak, Boris – Doctor Zhivago
Patchett, Ann – Bel Canto
Pater, Walter – Marius the Epicurean
Paton, Alan – Cry, the Beloved Country
Pavese, Cesare – The Moon and the Bonfire
Pavin, Milorad – Dictionary of the Khazars
Paz, Octavio – The Labyrinth of Solitude
Peace, David – Nineteen Seventy Seven
Peace, David – Nineteen Seventy Four
Peace, David – GB84
Peacock, Thomas Love – Nightmare Abbey
Peacock, Thomas Love – Headlong Hall
Peake, Mervyn – Gormenghast
Peake, Mervyn – Titus Groan
Pelecanos, George – The Big Blowdown
Peleanos, George – Hard Revolution
Pelevin, Victor – The Clay Machine-Gun
Pelevin, Victor – The Life of Insects
Pelevin, Victor – The Sacred Book of the Werewolf
Percy, Walker – The Moviegoer
Perec, George – The Exeter Text: Jewels, Secrets, Sex
Perec, Georges – A Man Asleep
Perec, Georges – A Void/Avoid
Perec, Georges – Life: A User’s Manual
Perec, Georges – Species of Spaces and Other Pieces
Perec, Georges - Things
Perec, Georges – W, of the Memory of Childhood
Pessoa, Fernando – The Book of Disquiet
Peterkin, Julia – Scarlet Sister Mary
Petronius & Seneca – The Satyricon and The Apocolocyntosis of the Divine Claudius
Pilcher, Rosamunde – The Shell Seekers
Pirandello, Luigi – One, None and a Hundred Thousand
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
Pizan, Christine de – The Book of the City of Ladies
Pizan, Chritine de – The Treasure of the City of Ladies
Plath, Sylvia – The Bell Jar
Plato – Early Socratic Dialogues
Plato – Gorgias
Plato – Phaedrus and Letter VII and VIII
Plato – Protagoras and Meno
Plato – Symposium
Plato – The Life and Death of Socrates
Plato – The Laws
Plato – The Republic
Plato – Theatetus
Plato – Timaeus and Critias
Plautus – The Pot of Gold
Plautus – The Rope
Plotinus – The Enneads
Plunkett, James – The Trusting and the Maimed
Plunkett, Robert – My Search for Warren Harding
Plutarch – Essays
Plutarch – Makers of Rome
Plutarch – Plutarch of Sparta
Plutarch – The Age of Alexander
Plutarch – The Fall of the Roman Republic
Plutarch – The Rise and Fall of Athens
Po, Li – Poems
Poe, Edgar Allen – A Cask of Amontillado
Poe, Edgar Allen – The Fall of the House of Usher
Poe, Edgar Allen – The Narrative of Arthur Golden Pym
Poe, Edgar Allen – The Science Fiction of Edgar Allen Poe
Polo, Marco – Travels of Marco Polo
Polybius – The Rise of the Roman Empire
Poole, Ernest – His Family
Porter, Jane – The Scottish Guards!
Porter, Katherine Anne – Collected Stories
Potocki, Jan – The Manuscript Found in Saragossa
Potok, Chaim – My Name is Asher
Powell, Anthony – Afternoon Men
Powell, Anthony – A Dance to the Music of Time
Powell, Anthony – The Military Philosophers
Powell, Anthony – The Soldier’s Art
Powell, Anthony- The Valley of Bones
Powell, Dawn – A Time to be Born
Powell, John Wesley – The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons
Powell, Padgett – Typical
Powys, John Cowper – A Glastonbury Romance
Pratchett, Terry - Mort
Pratchett, Terry – The Colour of Magic
Pratchett, Terry & Neil Gaiman – Good Omens
Pratchett, Terry – The Discworld Series
Prevost, Abbe – Manon Lescaut
Price, Richard – Lush Life
Priest, Christopher – The Prestige
Priestley, JB – The Good Companions
Prince, Mary – The History of Mary Prince
Procopius – The Secret Histories
Proulx, Annie – The Shipping News
Proust, Marcel – In the Shadow of Young Girls
Proust, Marcel – Remembrance of Things Past
Proust, Marcel – Swann’s Way
Proust, Marcel – The Guermantes Way
Pullman, Philip – His Dark Materials
Pushkin, Alexander – Eugene Onegin
Pushkin, Alexander – Tales of Belkin
Pushkin, Alexander – The Queen of Spades
Puzo, Mario – The Godfather
Pyle, Howard – Knights of the Round Table (1903)
Pyle, Howard – Men of Iron (1891)
Pyle, Howard – Robin Hood (1883)
Pym, Barbara – Excellent Women
Pym, Barbara – Less Than Angels
Pynchon, Thomas – Gravity’s Rainbow
Pynchon, Thomas – Mason & Dixon
Pynchon, Thomas – The Crying of Lot 49
Pynchon, Thomas – V.
Pynchon, Thomas – Vineland


Queiroz, Jose Maria de Eca de – The Crime of Father Amado
Queneau, Raymond – Exercises in Style
Queneau, Raymond – Zazie in the Metro
Quincey, Thomas de – Confessions of an English Opium Eater


Rabelais, Francoise – Gargantua and Pantagruel
Racine, Jean – Phedre
Radcliffe, Ann – The Mysteries of Udolpho
Radiguet, Raymond – The Devil in the Flesh
Rankin, Ian – Black and Blue
Rankin, Ian – The Hanging Gardens
Rankin, Ian – Exit Mucis
Ransome, Arthur – Swallows and Amazons
Raspe, Rudolp Erich – The Surprising Adventurs of Baron Munchausen
Raven, Simon – Alms for Oblivion
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan – The Yearling
Reade, Charles – The Cloister and the Hearth
Reage, Pauline – The Story of O
Read, Piers Paul – A Married Man
Reed, John – Ten Days the Shook the World
Regal, Martin – Sursson’s Saga and The Saga of the People of Eyri
Remarque, Erich Maria – All Quiet on the Western Front
Rendell, Ruth – Judgement in Stone
Rendell, Ruth – Live Flesh
Reynolds, William – The Private Journal of William Reynolds
Reynolds, Alatair – Reveltaion Space
Rhys, Jean – Good Morning, Midnight
Rhys, Jean – Quartet
Rhys, Jean – Wide Sargasso Sea
Rice, Anne – Interview With the Vampire
Richardson, Henry Handel – The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney
Richardson, Henry Handel - Maurice Guest
Richardson, Dorothy – Pilgrimage
Richardson, Dorothy – Pointed Roofs
Richardson, Samuel – Clarissa
Richardson, Samuel – Pamela
Richler, Mordecai – The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Richler, Mordecai – Solomon Gursky was Here
Richter, Conrad – The Town
Rimbaud, Arthur – Collected Poems
Riss, Jacob. A – How the Other Half Lives
Robinson, Marilynne – Gilead
Robinson, Kim Stanley – The Years of Rice and Salt
Rochefoucauld, La – Maxims
Rolfe, Frederick – Hadrian the Seventh
Ronsard, Pierre – Selected Poems
Rosa, Joao – The Devil to Pay in the Backlands
Rosa, Joseph – They Called Him Wild Bill
Rose, Gillian – Love’s Work
Rostand, Edmond – Cyrano de Bergerac
Roth, Henry – Call it Sleep
Roth, Joseph – The Radetsky March
Roth, Philip – American Pastoral
Roth, Philip – Operation Shylock
Roth, Philip – Portnoy’s Complaint
Roth, Philip – Sabbath’s Theater
Roth, Philip – The Breast
Roth, Philip – The Human Stain
Roth, Philip – The Plot Against America
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – A Discourse on Inequality
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – Confessions
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – Julie
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – Reveries of a Solitary Walker
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – The Complete Poems
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques – The Social Contract
Roussel, Raymond – Impressions of Africa
Roussel, Raymond – Locus Solus
Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter Series
Roy, Arundhati – The God of Small Things
Rugus, Quintus Curtius – The History of Alexander
Rulfo, Juan – Pedro Paramo
Rushdie, Salman – Fury
Rushdie, Salman - Grimus
Rushdie, Salman – Midnight’s Children
Rushdie, Salman – Shame
Rushdie, Salman – The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Rushdie, Salman – The Moor’s Last Sigh
Rushdie, Salman – The Satanic Verses
Ruskin, John – Unto the Last and Other Writings
Russ, Joanna – The Female Man
Russo, Richard – Empire Falls
Ryman, Geoff - Air
Ryunosuke, Akutagawa – Rashomon


Sabatini, Rafael – Captain Blood
Sabatini, Rafael - Scaramouche
Sacahr, Louis – Holes
Sacher-Masoch, Leopold von – Venus in Furs
Sade, Marquis de – The 120 Days of Sodom
Sade, Marquis de – Justine
Sagan, Carl - Contact
Sagan, Francoise – Bonjour Tristesse
Said, Kurban – Ali and Nino
Saint-Exupery, Antoine de – The Little Prince
Saki – The Westminster Alice
Saki – The Unbearable Bassington
Salih, Tayeb – A Season of Migration to the North
Salinger, J.D. – Franny and Zooey
Salinger, J.D. – The Catcher in the Rye
Sallust – The Jugurthine War and The Conspiracy of Catiline
Salter, James – The Hunters
Salter, James – Light Years
Salter, James – A Sport and a Passtime
Sandel, Cora – Alberta and Jacob
Sansom, CJ – Dissolution
Saramago, Jose – Blindness
Saramago, Jose – The Double
Saramago, Jose – The History of the Siege of Lisbon
Saramago, Jose – The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
Sarashina – As I Crossed the Bridge of Dreams
Sarmiento, Domingo F. – Facundo
Sartre, Jean-Paul – Nausea
Saunders, George - Pastoralia
Saxon, Lyle – Lafitte the Pirate
Sayers, Dorothy – Murder Must Advertise
Sayers, Dorothy – The Nine Tailors
Sayers, Dorothy – Whose Body?
Schiller, Frederick – Joan of Arc
Schiller, Frederick – William Tell
Schlink, Bernard – The Reader
Schopenhauer, Arthur – Essays and Aphorisms
Schopenhauer, Arthur – The World as Will and Idea
Schreiner, Olive – The Story of an African Farm
Schulz, Bruno – The Street of Crocodiles
Sciascia, Leonardo – To Each his Own
Scott, Paul – Staying On
Scott, Sir Walter – Chronicles of the Canongate
Scott, Sir Walter – Guy Mannering
Scott, Sir Walter – Ivanhoe
Scott, Sir Walter – Kenilworth
Scott, Sir Walter – Rob Roy
Scott, Sir Walter – The Bride of Lammermoor
Scott, Sir Walter – The Heart of Midlothian
Scott, Sir Walter – The Monastery
Scott, Sir Walter – Waverley
Seale, Aara – The Reluctant Orphan
Searle, Ronald – Hurrah for St Trinian’s
Sebald, WG – The Emigrants
Sebald, WG – Austerlitz
Sebald, WG – The Rings of Saturn
Sebald, WG - Vertigo
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria – A New-England Tale
Segal, Eric – Love Story
Seghers, Anna – Transit
Selby, Hubert Jr. – Last Exit to Brooklyn
Self, Will – Great Apes
Self, Will – How the Dead Live
Selvon, Sam – The Lonely Londoners
Sembene, Ousmane – God’s Bit of Wood
Seneca – Four Tragedies and Octavia
Seneca – Letters from a Stoic
Serge, Victor – The Case of Comrade Tulayev
Seth, Vikram – A Suitable Boy
Seton, Anya – Katherine
Seton, Ernest Thompson – Wild Animals I have known
Sevigne – Selected Letters
Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty
Shaara, Michael – The Killer Angels
Shackleton, Ernest – South
Shakespeare, Willam – Coriolanus
Shakespeare, William – All’s Well That Ends Well
Shakespeare, William – Antony and Cleopatra
Shakespeare, William – As You Like It
Shakespeare, William – Cymbeline
Shakespeare, William – Four Comedies
Shakespeare, William – Four Tragedies
Shakespeare, William – Hamlet
Shakespeare, William – Henry VIII
Shakespeare, William – Julius Caesar
Shakespeare, William – King John
Shakespeare, William – King Lear
Shakespeare, William – Love’s Labor’s Lost
Shakespeare, William – Macbeth
Shakespeare, William – Measure for Measure
Shakespeare, William – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Shakespeare, William – Othello
Shakespeare, William – Pericles
Shakespeare, William – Richard II
Shakespeare, William – Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare, William – The Comedy of Errors
Shakespeare, William – The Merry Wives of Windsor
Shakespeare, William – The Narrative Poems
Shakespeare, William – The Sonnets
Shakespeare, William – The Taming of the Shrew
Shakespeare, William – The Tempest
Shakespeare, William – Three Roman Plays
Shakespeare, William – Titus Andronicus
Shalamov, Varlam – Kolyma Tales
Sharma, Akhil – An Obedient Father
Sharpe, Tom – Blott on the Landscape
Sharpe, Tom – Porterhouse Blue
Shaw, George Bernard – Heartbreak House
Shaw, George Bernard – Major Barbara
Shaw, George Bernard – Man and Superman
Shaw, George Bernard – Plays Pleasant
Shaw, George Bernard – Plays Unpleasant
Shaw, George Bernard – Pygmalion
Shaw, George Bernard – Saint Joan
Shaw, George Bernard – Three Plays for Puritans
Shaw, Irwin – The Young Lions
She, Lao – Rickshaw Boy
Sheikh Musliju-d-Din Sa’adi of Shiraz – The Bostan of Saadi
Sheed, Wilfred – Office Politics
Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein
Sherman, William Tecumseh – Memoirs
Shields, Carol – The Stone Diaries
Shields, Carol - Unless
Shikibu, Murasaki – The Diary of Lady Murasaki
Shikibu, Murasaki – The Tale of Genji
Shriver, Lionel – We Need to Talk About Kevin
Shute, Nevil – A Town Like Alice
Sidney, Philip – The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia
Sienkiewicz, Henry – With Fire and Sword
Sienkiewicz, Henryk – Quo Vadis
Silko, Leslie Marmon – Ceremony
Sillitoe, Alan – Satuday Night and Sunday Morning
Simmon, Charles – Belles Lettres Papers
Simenon, Georges – The Blue Room
Simenon, Georges – The Madman of Bergeron
Simmons, Dan - Hyperion
Sinclair, Iain – Dining on Stones
Sinclair, Iain - Downriver
Sinclair, Iain – London Orbital
Sinclair, May – Life and Death of Harriett Frean
Sinclair, May – The Three Sisters
Sinclair, Upton – Dragon’s Teeth
Singer, Isaac Bashevis – Enemies, a Love Story
Singer, Isaac Bashevis – The Family Moskat or The Mano or The Estate
Siringo, Charles A. – A Texas Cowboy
Sjowall, Maj & Per Wahloo – The Laughing Policeman
Sleigh, Dan - Islands
Slocum, Joshua – Sailing Along Around the World
Smart, Elizabeth – At Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Smily, Jane - Moo
Smiley, Jane – A Thousand Acres
Smith, Adam – The Wealth of Nations
Smith, Dodie – I Capture the Castle
Smith, Michael Marshall – Only Forward
Smith, Martin Cruz – Gorky Park
Smith, Richard Penn – On to the Alamo
Smith, Stevie – Novel on Yellow Paper
Smith, Thorne – Topper Takes a Trip
Smith, Zadie – On Beauty
Smith, Zadie – White Teeth
Smollett, Tobias – The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom
Smollett, Tobias George – Humphrey Clinker
Smollett, Tobias George – Peregrine Pickle
Smollett, Tobias George – Roderick Random
Solzhenitseyn, Alexander – Cancer Ward
Solzhenitseyn, Alexander – One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Solzhenitseyn, Alexander – The First Circle
Somerville & Ross – Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.
Somerville & Ross – The Real Charlotte
Sophocles – Antigone
Sophocles – Electra
Sophocles – Oedipus the King
Sophocles – The Theban Plays
Soseki, Natsume – Kokoro
Soueif, Ahdar – The Map of Love
Spark, Muriel – Memento Mori
Spark, Muriel – The Driver’s Seat
Spark, Muriel – A Far Cry from Kensington
Spark, Muriel – The Girls of Slender Means
Spark, Muriel – Loitering with Intent
Spark, Muriel – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Spengler, Oswald – The Decline of the West
Spenser, Edmund – The Faerie Queen
Spenser, Edmund – The Shorter Poems
Spiegelman, Art - Maus
Stafford, Jean – Collected Stories
Stanley, Henry – How I Found Livingstone
Stapledon, Olaf – Star Maker
Stead, Christina – The Man Who Loved Children
Stegner, Wallace – Angle of Repose
Stegner, Wallace – Wolf Willow
Stein, Gertrude – The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Stein, Gertrude – The Making of Americans
Stein, Gertrude – Three Lives
Steinbeck, John – A Russian Journal
Steinbeck, John – America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction
Steinbeck, John – Burning Bright
Steinbeck, John – Cannery Row
Steinbeck, John – Cup of Gold
Steinbeck, John – East of Eden
Steinbeck, John – In Dubious Battle
Steinbeck, John – Of Mice and Men
Steinbeck, John – Once There Was a War
Steinbeck, John – Sweet Thursday
Steinbeck, John – The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck, John – The Log from the Sea of Cotez
Steinbeck, John – The Long Valley
Steinbeck, John – The Moon is Down
Steinbeck, John – The Pastures of Heaven
Steinbeck, John – The Pearl
Steinbeck, John – The Red Pony
Steinbeck, John – The Short Reign of Pippin IV
Steinbeck, John – The Wayward Bus
Steinbeck, John – The Winter of Our Discontent
Steinbeck, John – To a God Unknown
Steinbeck, John – Tortialla Flat
Steinbeck, John – Travels with Charley in Search of America
Stendhal – Love
Stendhal – The Charterhouse of Parma
Stendhal – The Red and the Black
Stephens, James – The Charwoman’s Daughter
Stephenson, Neal – Cryptonomicon
Stephenson, Neal – Snow Crash
Sterne, Laurence – A Sentimental Journey
Sterne, Laurence – Tristram Shandy
Stevenson, Robert Louis – In the South Seas
Stevenson, Robert Louis – The Master of Ballantree
Stevenson, Robert Louis – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes and The Amateur Emigrant
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island
Stocks, Mike – White Man Falling
Stoker, Bram – Dracula
Stone, Robert – A Flag for Sunrise
Storey, David – This Sporting Life
Stout, Rex – The League of Frightened Men
Stowe, Harriet Beecher – The Minister’s Wooing
Stowe, Harriet Beecher – Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Strachey, Lytton – Eminent Victorians
Streatfield, Noel – Ballet Shoes
Stribling, TS – The Store
Strindberg, August – By the Open Sea
Strindberg, August – The People of Hemso
Strindberg, August – The Red Room
Strindberg, August – Three Plays
Sturluson, Snorri – King Harald’s Saga
Styron, William – The Confessions of Nat Turner
Styron, William – Sophie’s Choice
Sue, Eugene – Mysteries of Pari
Suetonius – The Twelve Caesars
Surtees, R.S. – Handley Cross
Susann, Jacqueline – Valley of the Dolls
Suskind, Patrick – Perfume
Suskind, Patrick – The Pigeon
Suso, Bamba – Sunjata
Svevo, Italo – Confessions of Zeno
Svevo, Italo – Zeno’s Conscience
Swift, Graham – The Light of Day
Swift, Graham - Waterland
Swift, Jonathan – A Modest Proposal
Swift, Jonathan – A Tale of a Tub
Swinburne, Algernon Charles – Poems and Ballads and Atlanta in Calydon
Synge, JM – The Aran Islands
Synge, JM – The Playboy of the Western World and Two Other Irish Plays


Tabucchi, Antonio – Pereira Declares: A Testimony
Tacitus – The Agricola and the Germania
Tacitus – The Annals of Imperial Rome
Tacitus – The Histories
Tagore, Rabindranath – Selected Poems
Tagore, Rabindranath – The Home and the World
Tanizaki, Junichiro – Diary of a Man Old Man
Tarkington, Booth – Alice Adams
Tarkington, Booth – The Magnificent Ambersons
Thackeray, William Makepeace – The Luck of Barry Lyndon
Thackery, William Makepeace – Vanity Fair
Thiong’o, Ngugi Wa – Matigari
Thiong’o, Ngugi Wa – Petals of Blood
Thiong’o, Ngugi Wa – The River Between
Thirkell, Angela – Before Lunch
Thomas, Benjamin – Abraham Lincoln
Thomas, Leslie – Tropic of Ruislip
Thompson, Flora – Lark Rise to Candleford
Thompson, Hunter S. – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Thompson, Jim – The Getaway
Thompson, Jim – The Killer Inside Me
Thompson, Rupert – The Insult
Thoreau, Henry David – A Week on the Concord and Merrimack
Thoreau, Henry David – A Year in Thoreau’s Journal
Thoreau, Henry David – Walden
Thornburg, Newton – Cutter and Bone
Thucydides – The History of the Peloponnesian War
Thurber, James – The 13 Clocks
Thurber, James – The Wonderful “O”
Timm, Uwe – The Invention of Curried Sausage
Tocqueville, Alexis de – Democracy in America
Toibin, Colm – The Blackwater Lightship
Toibin, Colm – The Heather Blazing
Toibin, Colm – The Master
Tolkien, JRR – The Hobbit
Tolkien, JRR – The Lord of the Rings
Tolstoy, Leo – A Confession and Other Religious Writings
Tolstoy, Leo – Anna Karenina
Tolstoy, Leo – How Much Land Does a Man Need?
Tolstoy, Leo – Master and Man
Tolstoy, Leo – Resurrection
Tolstoy, Leo – The Death of Ivan Ilyich
Tolstoy, Leo – The Kreutzer Sonata
Tolstoy, Leo – The Sebastopol Sketches
Tolstoy, Leo – War and Peace
Tolstoy, Leo – What Is Art?
Toole, Kennedy, John – A Confederacy of Dunces
Toomer, Jean – Cane
Topol, Jachym – City Sister Silver
Tournier, Michael – The Ogre
Tours, Gregory of – A History of the Franks
Townsend, Sue – The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4
Tremain, Rose – The Colour
Tremain, Rose – Music and Silence
Tressell, Robert – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Trevor, William – Death in Summer
Trevor, William – Felicia’s Journey
Trevor, William – Fools of Fortune
Trevor, William – The Story of Lucy Gault
Trollope, Anthony – He Knew He War Right
Trollope, Anthony – Barchester Towers
Trollope, Anthony – Can You Forgive Her?
Trollope, Anthony – Castle Richmond
Trollope, Anthony – Domestic Manners of the Americans
Trollope, Anthony – Dr. Wortle’s School
Trollope, Anthony – Framley Parsonage
Trollope, Anthony – He Knew He Was Right
Trollope, Anthony – Phineas Finn
Trollope, Anthony – Phineas Redux
Trollope, Anthony – The Eustace Diamonds
Trollope, Anthony – The Last Chronicle of Barset
Trollope, Anthony – The Prime Minister
Trollope, Anthony – The Small House at Allington
Trollope, Anthony – The Warden
Trollope, Anthony – The Way We Live Now
Trout, Kilgore – Venus on the Half-Shell
Troyes, Chretien de – Arthurian Romances
Truth, Sojourner – Narrative of Sojourner Truth
Tsvetayeva, Maria – Selected Poems
Tsypkin, Leonid – Summer in Baden-Baden
Turgenev, Ivan – Fathers and Sons
Turgenev, Ivan – First Love
Turgenev, Ivan – Home of the Gentry
Turgenev, Ivan – King Lear of the Steppes
Turgenev, Ivan – On the Eve
Turgenev, Ivan – Sketches from a Hunter’s Album
Turgenev, Ivan – Virgin Soil
Turgenev, Iven – Spring Torrents
Twain, Mark – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Twain, Mark – A Tramp Abroad
Twain, Mark – Life on the Mississippi
Twain, Mark – The Mysterious Stranger
Twain, Mark – Puddn’head Wilson
Twain, Mark – Roughing It
Twain, Mark – Tales, Speeches, Essays and Sketches
Twain, Mark – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Twain, Mark – The Gilded Age
Twain, Mark – The Innocents Abroad
Twain, Mark – The Prince and the Pauper
Tyler, Anne – The Accidental Tourist
Tyler, Anne – Breathing Lessons
Tyndale, William – The Obedience of a Christian Man
Tzu, Lao – Tao Te Ching
Tzu, Sun – The Art of War


Unamuno, Miguel de – Peace in War
Undset, Sigrid – Gunnar’s Daughter
Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter I: The Wreath
Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Wife
Undset, Sigrid – Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross
Updike, John – Rabbit at Rest
Updike, John – Rabbit is Rich
Updike, John – Rabbit Redux
Updike, John – Rabbit, Run
Updike, John – The Rabbit Omnibus
Updike, John – The Witches of Eastwick
Updike, John - Couples


Vaca, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de – Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition
Van Gogh, Vincent – The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
Vanamali, Devi- Ramayana
Various – Against Slavery
Various – Medieval Writings on Female Spirituality
Various – Seven Viking Romances
Various – Sidney’s the Defence of Poesy and Selected Renaissance Literary Criticism
Various – The Cistercian World
Various – The Desert Fathers
Various – First World War Poetry
Various – The Roots of Ayurveda
Various – Women’s Early American Historical Narratives
Vasari, Giorgio – Lives of the Artists
Vassilikos, Vassilis - Z
Veblen, Thorsten – The Theory of the Leisure Class
Verga, Giovanni – The House by the Medlar Tree
Vermes, Geza – The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls
Verne, Jules – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Verne, Jules – A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Verne, Jules – Around the World in 80 Days
Verne, Jules – From the Earth to the Moon
Vestdijk, Simon – The Garden Where the Brass Band Played
Vico, Giambattista – New Science
Vidal, Gore – Duluth
Vidal, Gore – Myra Breckinridge
Vidal, Gore – The Georgics
Vidal, Gore – The Messiah
Vidal, Gore – Williwaw
Vine, Barbara – A Dark-Adapted Eye
Vine, Barbara – A Fatal Inversion
Vine, Barabara – King Solomon’s Carpet
Virgil – The Aeneid
Vittorini, Elio – In Sicily
Voltaire, Francois – Candide
Voltaire, Francois – Letters on England
Voltaire, Francois – Micromegas and Other Short Fictions
Voltaire, Francois – Philosophical Dictionary
Von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang – Faust
Vonnegut, Kurt – Cat’s Cradle
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. – Breakfast of Champions
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. – God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. – Slaughterhouse-Five
Vonnegut, Kurt – Sirens of Titan


Wales, Gerald – The Journey through Wales and The Description of Wales
Walker, Alice – Possessing the Secret of Joy
Walker, Alice – The Color Purple
Walker, Alice – The Temple of My Familiar
Wallace, David Foster – Infinite Jest
Wallace, Edgar – The Four Just Men
Wallace, Lew – Ben Hur
Walpole, Horace – The Castle of Otranto
Walpole, Horace – Three Gothic Novels
Walser, Robert – Institute Bejamenta
Ware, Chris – Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth
Warner, Alan – Morvern Callar
Warner, Marina - Indigo
Warner, Sylvia Townsend – Summer Will Show
Warner, Sylvie T. – After the Death of Don Juan
Warner, Sylvia Townsend – Lolly Willowes
Warren, Robert Penn- All the King’s Men
Washington, Booker T. – Up from Slavery
Waterhouse, Keith – Billy Liar
Waters, Sarah - Affinity
Waters, Sarah – Fingersmith
Waters, Sarah – The Night Watch
Waters, Sarah – Tipping the Velvet
Watson, Winifred – Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Waugh, Evelyn – Black Mischief
Waugh, Evelyn – Decline and Fall
Waugh, Evelyn – A Handful of Dust
Waugh, Evelyn – The Loved One
Waugh, Evelyn – Men at Arms
Waugh, Evelyn – Put Out More Flags
Waugh, Evelyn - Scoop
Waugh, Evelyn – Vile Bodies
Webb, Charles – The Graduate
Webster, Jean – Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy
Weldon, Fay – The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
Wells, HG – The History of My Polly
Wells, HG – The Invisible Man
Wells, HG – The Island of Dr. Moreau
Wells, HG – The Time Machine
Wells, HG – The War of the Worlds
Wells, H.G. – Tono-Bungay
Welsh, Irvine - Trainspotting
Welty, Eudora – Collected Stories
Welty, Eudora – The Optimist’s Daughter
West, Nathanael – Miss Lonelyhearts
West, Nathanael – The Day of the Locust
West, Rebecca – Black Lamb and Grey Falcon
West, Rebecca – Harriet Hume
West, Rebecca – The Birds Fall Down
West, Rebecca – The Return of the Soldier
West, Rebecca – The Thinking Reed
West, Rebecca – The Fountain Overflows
Westall, Robert – The Machine - Gunners
Whaley, Diana – Sagas of Warrior-Poets
Wharton, Edith – Bunner Sisters
Wharton, Edith – Ethan Frome
Wharton, Edith – Summer
Wharton, Edith – The Age of Innocence
Wharton, Edith – The Custom of the Country
Wharton, Edith – The Glimpses of the Moon
Wharton, Edith – The House of Mirth
Wharton, Edith – The Portable Edith
Wheatley, Phillis – Complete Writings
Whinfield, EH – The Mathnawi
White, Antonia – Frost in May
White, Edmund – A Boy’s Own Story
White, Edmund – The Beautiful Room is Empty
White, Patrick – The Living and the Dead
White, Patrick – The Tree of Man
White, Patrick – Voss
White, TH – The Once and Future King
White, TH – The Sword in the Stone
Whitman, Walt – Leaves of Grass
Whitney, Isabella – Renaissance Women Poets
Wiesel, Elie - Night
Wilde, Oscar – Complete Short Fiction
Wilde, Oscar – De Profundis
Wilde, Oscar – The Importance of Being Ernest
Wilde, Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray
Wilde, Oscar – The Soul of Man Under Socialism and Selected Critical Prose
Wilder, Thornton – Our Town
Wilder, Thornton – The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Willans, Geoffrey & Ronald Searle – Molesworth
Williams, Tennessee – The Glass Menagerie
Williamson, Henry – Tarka the Otter
Wilmot, John – Selected Works
Wilson, Angus – Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
Wilson, Angus – No Laughing Matter
Wilson, Angus – The Old Men at the Zoo
Wilson, Harriet – Our Nig
Wilson, Jacqueline – Girls in Love
Wilson, Jacqueline – The Story of Tracy Baker
Wilson, Margaret – The Able McLaughlins
Winterson, Jeanette – Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Winterson, Jeanette – Sexing the Cherry
Winterson, Jeanette – The Passion
Winterson, Jeanette – Written on the Body
Wister, Owen – The Virginian
Wodehouse, PG – The Code of the Woosters
Wodehouse, PG – Heavy Weather
Wodehouse, PG - The Inimitable Jeeves
Wodehouse, PG – Joy in the Morning
Wodehouse, PG – Piccadilly Jim
Wodehiouse, PG – Something Fresh
Wolf, Christa – A Quest for Christa T.
Wolf, Christa – Patterns of Childhood
Wolfe, Thomas – Look Homeward, Angel
Wolfe, Gene – The Book of the New Sun
Wolfe, Tom – The Bonfire of the Vanities
Wolfe, Tom – The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Wollstonecraft, Mary – A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Wollstonecraft, Mary – Mary, Maria, Matilda
Wood, Ellen – East Lynne
Woodward, Gerard – I’ll Go to Bed at Noon
Woolf, Virginia – Between the Acts
Woolf, Virginia – Jacob’s Room
Woolf, Virginia – Mrs. Dalloway
Woolf, Virginia – Night and Day
Woolf, Virginia – The Voyage Out
Woolf, Virginia – The Waves
Woolf, Virginia – The Years
Woolf, Virginia – To the Lighthouse
Woolf, Virgnia – Orlando
Wordsworth, William – Selected Poems
Wouk, Herman – The Caine Mutiny
Wright, Richard – Native Son
Wyndham, John - Chocky
Wyndham, John – Day of the Triffids
Wyndham, John – The Midwich Cuckoos
Wyss, Johann – Swiss Family Robinson


Xenophon – A History of My Times
Xenophon – A Persian Expedition
Xenophon – Conversations of Socrates
Xueqin, Cao – The Crab-Flower Club
Xueqin, Cao – The Golden Days
Xun, Lu – Diary of a Madman and Other Stories


Yates, Richard – Revolutionary Road
Yezierska, Anzia – Hungry Hearts
Yourcenar, Marguerite – The Memoirs of Hadrian


Zamyatin, Yevgeny – We
Zitkala-Sa – American Indian Stories, Legends and Other Writings
Zola, Emile – Au Bonheur des Dames
The Debacle by Emile Zola
Zola, Emile – Drunkard
Zola, Emile – Germinal
Zola, Emile – La Bete Humaine
Zola, Emile – The Downfall
Zola, Emile – The Drinking Den
Zola, Emile – Therese Raquin


mister anchovy said...

Well, hard to see a list like that go by and not comment!
There are some fantastic books there, as well as a bunch that just don't belong in that company. What the heck is Richard Brautigan doing on that list?

I haven't thought about Heinrich Boll's books in years. Great writer, though. Same with Borges. I read his stuff in university.

James Lee Burke's The Tin Roof Blowdown is a pretty good book set during Katrina, and I even recommend it, but it's a lightweight in this company.

Notably absent from this list is Joseph O'Connor. I highly recommend Star of the Sea and The Salesman. Also notably absent is Charles Bukowski. Post Office should be on the list.

mister anchovy said...

Some books that are on the list that I really loved:

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad. One of my all-time faves.
Collected Stories by Isaac Babel. Babel wrote two notable story streams, The Red Cavalry Stories and the Odessa Stories and both are great.
Dostoevski is all over your list, but where is Crime and Punishment?
I don't see any highlighting in the Steinbeck list. Start with The Grapes of Wrath. Yep, it's even better than the movie, and the movie was great. Most of Steinbeck's books really resonate with me.

mister anchovy said...

If on a Winters Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino is most delightful, although it's a strange book. No stranger than Murakami's Wind-up Bird Chronicle though, and both are must-read's on my list.
I see Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang on the list. Although I wouldn't put it on an all-time greatest list, it is a very fine novel!
Seeing Hesse's name reminds me of my university days because I read all his books as a young man. Maybe they're young men's books, I don't know. Steppenwolf is the great one of the bunch. Avoid The Glass Bead Game.
And then there is Hemmingway, so hopelessly out of fashion today. Still, some of his books, like Old Man and the Sea are first rate in a hopelessly out of fashion kind of way.

theduckthief said...

Thanks for all your comments! I agree there are some awesome books on this list. As mentioned at the top I pulled most of this from other lists so someone must think Brautigan's worth reading. If I read something that doesn't strike my fancy I'll take it off the list. This list is meant to be the Devonshire cream of reading.

Thanks also the reading suggestions. It's nice to get someone else's opinions on books you haven't read.

mister anchovy said...

OK, ok, Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America isn't bad....but if you need a book that uses trout fishing as metaphor, I much prefer The River Why by David James Duncan.