Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Secret Mulroney Tapes

In instances like this where formerly famous men with possibly fake hair spew blasphemy, I need to blurt out an expletive.
What the crap.

A few days ago Canadians who watch news, or listen to the radio or read newspapers or who have ears, heard about the new book on Brian Mulroney, the most hated PM in Canadian history. He's been referred to as "Ronald Reagan's lapdog" and that's the polite version. This is completely opposite to the "encounter" between Pearson and Johnson where our PM was practically assaulted and reference was made to urine on carpet.

All of this information that's recently 'come to light' is from a book written by Peter C. Newman. This once-but-no-longer good friend of the former PM wrote a book called "The Secret Mulroney Tapes". It's basically a book of recorded phone conversations he had with Mulroney. The only thing was, Mulroney didn't know he was being taped. It's like being Punk'd but Ashton Kutcher nevers shows up.

Newman says Mulroney claims he helped "precipitate the end of communism in Europe". I don't know about you but this make me wonder what he was smoking when he said this but perhaps it's just me, and I'm having a brain aneurism. "I led a revolution," he said. Maybe it was just in his office with plastic army men who take over and declare him 'Emperor of the World'. But even though this may have just been a fantasy world the former PM dwealt in, Emperor of the World does have a nice ring to it.

Here's a quote from the National Post, a beloved Canadian newspaper. "The guy brokered the deal to bring down the Berlin wall, did he? Next thing you know, he'll be claiming he invented insulin and the internal combustion engine," said Warren Kinsella, who worked for Jean Chretien when the Liberals were in opposition.

But what made me most angry was the fact that he apparently claims he'll go down in history as the most influential Canadian prime minister ever. Uh, what kind of backwards alternate reality are you living in Mr. Mulroney? Perhaps it's one where people call you Master and clean your shoes by licking them. But of course, we can't take this at face value. It's only Newman's word that these are Mulroney's words. Oiy.

In the book Mulroney spews insults left and right. From people (Trudeau, to Chretien, to Campbell), to provinces (apparently he hates the west). For years I heard horror stories of how he tried and almost succeeded in tearing Canada apart. And now, regardless of whether the book is truthful or not, I just think he's a jerk.

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kelly said...

"I led a revolution," he said. Maybe it was just in his office with plastic army men who take over and declare him Emperor of the World."

I think I love yo, lol. Anyway, I've always hated the man and am looking forward to reading that book. Although come to think of it, Im not sure my blood pressure will be able to withstand it's entirety. I imagine I'll want to fling it across the wall really HARD about twice a chapter. What an asshat.