Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas Election = Trouble for Jack Layton

I just got the best news a relatively new voter could possibly get. I might get the chance to exercise my democratic right close to Christmas. Do I mind that my holiday season, one of the few times during the year I get to see my family is going to be filled with propoganda and debates where party leaders will scream at one another?

Well, yes. I voted in my first election in '04 and by the time it was over I never wanted to vote again. Mainly because I forced myself to read the party platforms and watch the english language debate. The entire thing was disgusting. Though I am grateful to live in Canada because in the US, the candidates seem to campaign for years. I'm quite sure that any campaigning longer than 36 days would cause my head to explode with confetti.

So thank you very much Jack Layton, for pulling your support from the Liberals. If it comes down to a Christmas election I can gaurantee that at least one person will put a horse head in your bed. And can you guess who's going to do that? Me! Of course, the horse head will be made of paper mache but I'll slip it between the sheets when it's still drying.

So just you watch it. A non-confidence motion will secure your fate by the duck thief mafia. That goes for any other political leader who thinks they're gonna pull a fast one. Give the people some peace until spring. Then we'll roll up our mudflaps and start digging holes in which to place candidates signs, tv commercials and irritating MPs.

So what if this all comes to pass and Jack Layton finds out I was the one who put the paper mache horse in his bed? I can just see steam billowing out of his ears when he asks why.

My response? I'll glare and then smile. "Well Mr. Layton, you just kinda piss me off."

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Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Good movie scene, alas. I like it.

By the way, you can add me perhaps as a member on your blog, and then I'll know FOR SURE when you've updated.

Semantics, I know, but still, I'd like to be kept informed.

I think words are sometimes more caustic than certain gestures, even if the head's made from papier mache.


I read this great article in the local paper here how there's very little ethnic Canadian representation in local politics because of the complete lack of glamour in things like water management, waste removal, and things like traffic bylaws. But when you come to think about it, who better than certain peoples who come from traffic-congested, water deprived, and waste infested (by their callow one-time home governments) than such "ethnics" (I hate the term, but merely to drive the point home)?