Saturday, December 17, 2005

Minute Men line up on Canadian border

The Minuteman Project was a top news story some time ago so I decided to see how things were going considering the time of year and the weather.

This project was started by a group of Americans, led by a man named Jim Gilchrist, who wanted to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the Mexican-US border into Arizona. Apparently the 2000 mile southern border of the state is very easy to cross. Mr. Gilchrist found volunteers on the internet and way back in April he had about 900 people lined up along the border and some of them were armed.

Since then it's gained the attention of the media and government, thought the US Border Patrol said that they were more of a hindrance than a help. There have also been rumblings that this group is motivated by racism and anti-Semitism.

So how does this all tie in to Canada? Well, in October a group of volunteers decided to patrol the Canadia-US border. They actually set up "border checkpoints" and said they were watching for people who were attempting to enter the US illegally.

I didn't find any information that said the group patrolling along our shared border was armed but let's say that at least some of them were. I want to know what they plan on doing with those guns. If they see somebody illegally crossing the border are they going to shoot them? Are they allowed to do that? I don't have the answers so if someone else does, please let me know.

Am I happy about these private citizens who are possibly armed patrolling the border? No, six ways to h-e-double hockey sticks no. But the good news is that the Minutemen took down the checkpoints a little while ago but said they'll be back in the spring.

This is what I have a problem with. You're dedicated enough and willing enough to patrol the border yourself and set up your own checkpoints but you aren't willing to patrol through the winter? Look, if you're that paranoid about illegal immigrants then you have to be willing to stick it out. Also, now that this has been printed in the media, wouldn't now be the opportune time for people to illegally cross the border?

It sounds to me like this project hasn't been completely thought out. I mean, as we speak, think of the wave of illegal immigrants that must be sneaking into the US. Those poor border states, especially Idaho. If it wasn't for that tiny little corridor, they wouldn't have to worry about illegal immigrants.

My message to these Minute Men. I don't really understand your concern with the Canadian border but it's just too bad that you couldn't stay, at least for a minute or two. It would have been fun to see all of you freeze your little heinies off.

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