Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Canada Votes 2006: English Language Debate

Okay kids, raise your virtual hands if you watched the english language debate last night. Now, what did we learn?

Listening to old white guys is boring. But you know what, I stuck with it. I listened to the whole thing despite the fact that at several points I wanted to smash the tv with a hammer.

It was definitely an improvement over the debate that took place last election. I think I did mention this before but the candidates were the same four guys. Except in '04 they were a bunch of screaming old white guys. They interrupted one another and kept getting louder and louder.

This time around, they seemed very subdued. It was almost as if the moderator had given them all doses of Ritalin to calm them down. Or maybe, if they behaved badly, a whistle would blow and they'd receive a game misconduct and get kicked out of the debate. That would have been more interesting and last time it was. It was funny watching how red in the face everybody got and how the poor moderator couldn't get them to shut up.

Oh, and one more thing. Journalists and tv news anchors say that young people are apathetic about politics and elections. Well, I'm a young person and I care about who wins. In fact, I've already voted so I'm already way ahead of some of you. I mean, I care about Canada. It's my home and I want the best for it. That and the fact that I've filed income tax two years in a row and I figure now that I'm in it for the long haul I might as well have someone I like running the country.

But I think that decision would be a lot easier for millions of Canadians if one of the options on the ballot was "None of the above". To me, these four men have made a mess of things in Ottawa equivalent to buying a sinking yacht so your family can sail to Barbados, underwater. I mean, sometimes I just have to ask myself, would 50 000 monkeys do a better job?

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