Thursday, June 22, 2006

Calgary Flames lose 2006 Stanley Cup

I've had to take some time to recover from our loss in the Stanley Cup finals. And when I say "our loss" I mean Canada's loss. I mean, we were so close.

This is the first Stanley Cup finals I've ever watched. The 2004 finals I listened to on the radio while working in a used bookstore. I was disappointed then too because Calgary was in the finals and they lost. Then there was no hockey for a year, just when I was starting to get interested and stupid Tampa Bay got to hold onto the cup for another year. (stupid Tampa Bay)

And then finally, hockey's back on and Edmonton makes it to the finals. I was so excited yet scared at the same time. For those of you who've been reading this for a while, you know I get a little stressed when it comes to watching sports. So I watch Game 1 and we lose. Then I get a little freaked out but then I slap myself and say, come on, get it together, this is a best of seven series.

And the story going into it was great. Edmonton, a Canadian team, eighth-seeded and an underdog is taking on the "Canes" (ugh). Edmonton is the "City of Champions" and hasn't gone to the finals in 16 years so I'm thinking that they're due right?

But, Game 1, we lose the goalie and I think, you know what, it's all over. And I felt so bad for the Oilers because they fought so hard. They held on by the skin of their teeth (whatever that means) and I held on by the tips of my nail-bitten fingers.

And then Game 7 and I can't wait. I rush home from the grocery store with provisions and glue myself in front of the television. And slowly, the way oil leaks out of your car, the dream died. I felt like I'd been stabbed by a ground squirrel and the little bugger was twisting the knife. When it was all over I really wanted to get up and walk away or turn the tv off but I couldn't move. How, why? This was all wrong. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. I yelled at the tv; I told Cam Ward he sucked; I promised myself I would never go to North Carolina. I've never punched anybody in my life but I really wanted to give every "Canes" player a fat lip.

All I wanted was to see a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup. And don't tell me that most of the players for North Carolina are Canadian because I know and I don't care. I want to see a Canadian team win it in my lifetime. And yes, the last time was '93 and yes, I was alive but I wasn't old enough to care or know anything about hockey. You have to admit though, the odds are against us. 30 teams, 24 of them American. Oiy.

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