Sunday, September 10, 2006

67 years ago today, Canada declared War against Germany

On September 10, 1939, Ottawa declared war against Germany. We were the last of the "great" Dominions to declare against them but it was the first time we'd made our own declaration of war as a sovereign province. Yay us.

It's hard to imagine something that happened so long ago had such an impact. From that day onward nothing was ever the same. Of course, the innocence of the world had was smashed to pieces in the Great War but can you imagine how people must have felt when they heard the country was going to war again? The last years of the 10s were terrible, the 20s were a small reprieve and then the Depression was really, well, depressing. Then the 40s come along and yes it lifted people up out of the 30s but at what cost?

And what about the men who had been young enough in the Great War that they were still technically eligible to fight in WWII? Do you have any idea of how depressing that must have been? WWI was a slaughter, with cavalry still being employed and elderly officers commanding young men to die in the mud because they stuck to tactics that had died out with the last century.

I can't even imagine having to live through that. Whether it was on the front lines or at home. Each seemed equally horrible. But I have to say, I'm really worried about it happening again. All these crazy old men with nukes just makes me nervous. All I can say is, our grandparents were tough folks and I don't think I could do what they could.

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