Saturday, January 06, 2007

Canada wins gold at World Junior Hockey 2007

I have to say. This game was not as exciting as the Semi Finals against the US. But again, it wasn't as worrisome either. Of course, I made the attempt to watch it on my labtop but failed because the internet here is so slow.

So instead I listened to the gameand didn't watch it. That kept the broadcast from cutting out. Apparently 1.5 million people listened online which was pretty cool.

We were playing the Russians just like we did last year and I was a little worried because of how we just scraped by in the semi finals. But this game was very different. We took it to the Russians and shut down their offense. Then near the end of the first, we scored three goals one after the other. I started to feel a little better about how the game was going.

It's kind of like what happened last year and when we were up a few goals, the Russians just sort of shut down. That's what I hoped was going to happen this time as well. So we go to first intermission and I'm not worried. I figure we've got it in the bag *knock wood*. Then in the second, we score again, making it 4-0.

I smile to myself. The game is over. There's no way the Russians can come back from this. They need five goals to win the thing now. And I guess the team thought so too because they started to sit back on their heels. And of course, I spoke too soon. Russia gets up two goals and suddenly it's a hockey game again. We take some stupid penalites and I'm starting to sweat. Come on, all I asked for was a third win and we haven't done it in Europe in ten years.

The second intermission is far more agonizing than the first. We just need to hold on for twenty more minutes. Twenty long minutes and it's ours. But the third period is lackluster. Nobody does anything. Nobody scores, they just take penalties. And the broadcast on my labtop keeps cutting out so I can't tell what's going on. I have to rely on the minute to minute updates provided by the TSN website, thank gods for it.

And my labtop does the unthinkable, it cuts out with two minutes to go. What? What happened? Did anybody score? Did we hold on? Finally I get it back but everything's done. The game's over and we won I didn't get to stand for the national anthem because it's all done. I missed the whole thing.

I have to say, I'm really happy with the third win but it doesn't mean as much to me as the first two because I didn't really get to experience it. I don't get the channel on the tv and the internet broadcast was interrupted by the slow internet I have here.

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