Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Meme of Four

The Indextrious Reader has tagged me for The Meme of Four which makes me think Sherlock Holmes. Heh Heh.

Four jobs I've had or currently have in my life:

1. Used Bookstore Employee
2. Museum Interpreter
3. Sales Associate at Art Gallery
4. Student? (I'd call that a full time job)

Four countries I have been to:

1. USA
2. Greece
3. The Netherlands (I was only in Schipol airport so I don't think this counts)
4. Uh.....

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. Home
2. England
3. 1940s Toronto
4. Camping

Four foods I like to eat:

1. Tortellini Alfredo
2. Mom's Cooking
3. Christmas Dinner
4. Spiced Pumpkin Pie with homemade whipped cream

Four people I would like to tag:

1. teflonjedi at Far North Blog
2. BetaCandy at The Hathor Legacy
3. Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
4. bookgirl at bookgirl's nightstand


Melanie said...

1940's Toronto?! I never thought of time travel...hmm, that really opens up the possibilities! How about 1896 Luxor & Cairo?

The duck thief said... one said that the places I wanted to visit had to technically still exist so...

I've always liked the 1940s and Toronto being one of the bigger cities in Canada would probably have a lot going on.

Bookgirl said...

Thank you for the tag! I've been so busy this week I haven't had a chance to do it but I promise I will... Actually I know I did something similar once but I'll try to come up with some good answers - heh.

teflonjedi said...

Tag completed, stop on by, and thanks!