Saturday, November 03, 2007

Money, Money, Money, Money!

So I don't know if you heard but the other day the Canadian dollar jumped two cents. In one day!

I did a couple of silent fist pumps when I heard this on the radio. There was also a report on the news about how no one, not even "the predictors" (financial analysts) know where it's going to go next.

But while I'm amazed at the soaring loonie and happy to forgot the days of a 61 cent dollar, I can't help but worry. I've already seen news where Canadians, going shopping in the US for better deals have been denied. For example, various car companies have been told not to sell to Canadians because Canadian companies would lose money. Oooh, oh no! What is the big deal? The company would still be making money. Yes it might be thousands of dollars less but you can't blame consumers for wanting a better deal.

I've been having the same problem with books. Bookstores go on and on about how the books were printed months ago when the dollar was lower and blah de blah de blah. Personally, I can say I'm steering away from books until prices are more reasonable and stores stop putting their own stickers over prices to cover up the truth.

Speaking of the truth, Starbucks is now a complete write off in my book. They used to show both US and Canadians prices for coffee and now in some stores, have completely removed American prices so consumers won't see how much they're getting ripped off. Yes, the dollar has skyrocketed blah de blah but hiding the price difference is sneaky and evil in my mind. So goodbye large monopoly corporation; by the way, your mocha latte sucks.

In the beginning I was so happy our dollar was on par with the US greenback. And then I was so happy that the dollar was worth more than the US dollar. And the other day, the dollar reached the highest price it has ever been. All I hear from the news is how bad this is and what it's going to do to the economy.

Good grief people. Something good happens and you go all Charlie Brown on me. Yes chances are the dollar won't stay at this level but enjoy it while it's here. Go on a shopping spree, if the Americans will let you and if you can get through the border. Then you can spend the rest of your days reminding people when the loonie was $1.07. You can talk about the good old days. And then go on about how you had to fight off Vikings when you walked to school everyday because chances are no one's going to believe you.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing isn't it? Up to $1.08 today. How high can it go and what will be the ultimate result? Good post.

The duck thief said...


I have to say though, at first my concerns were haha concerns and now they're inching towards oh dear god make it stop concerns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is having an impact already. I just wish retail prices would reflect the loonie's strength, and manufacturing and export are going to take a beating too. I'm sure some businesses already have.