Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

This news hit me like a kick in the chest last night. All I could do was stare. My brain basically melted out my ears and I could hear myself saying "What!" What?" over and over again.

The reason I think this was so shocking to me and perhaps the rest of the world is Heath Ledger was not a "tabloid" actor. He wasn't a party hardy, a drugs and alcohol man. I expected him to have a long life, long career and couldn't wait to see how his acting roles evolved over time. In fact, I'm looking forward to seeing "The Dark Knight". At first I didn't think Heath Ledger was a logical choice for the role of the Joker but the more I heard and saw, the more I was convinced. I thought if he 'hit it out of the park' he'd become a major star. But now it looks as if that movie will be his last complete project.

I think I understand a little of how others may have felt when James Dean died or when John Lennon was killed. In fact when I first heard about Heath, I immediately thought it's just like James Dean (even though it wasn't) It's not news you expect to hear and when you do it's as if someone's slapped you and you didn't even see the hand coming.

I'm going to miss all the movies he'll never make. Is that weird, missing something that never existed? I guess what I'm trying to saying is, Heath I'm going to miss you.

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