Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring! + The Travel Project: Greece

So, today being the first official day of spring I thought I would cheer you up with some travel photos.

teflonjedi of Far North Blog had been planning to travel to Greece with his lovely wife. Those plans have since changed. So over the next few months I'll be posting photos from my Greece '07 trip. This way, teflonjedi can travel to Greece without having to travel at all. And this way, you, the reader, can also get an idea of where you want to go if one day you decide to travel to Greece.

I first heard about this trip to Greece in April of 2006. It was a Greek and Roman studies field course about the archaeology and history of the country. We'd be travelling to all the major monuments and sites, covering almost the entire country. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity I just couldn't miss. From that moment I started planning.

There were some snags along the way but I finally left Vancouver International Airport on April 28, 2007 on my way to Greece. I had no idea what to expect. I'd never been to Europe; I'd never even been off the continent before. Let's just say I was excited but more than a little worried.

The first photo is of the Acropolis from afar. I was walking with another girl from the trip and suddenly this jumped out at us from between two buildings. Even in the warm haze and surrounded by cranes, it was breathtaking.

The second photo is of some architecture I fancied when walking around. Isn't it purty?


teflonjedi said...

You are very, very kind...thank you!

We haven't given up on going...just postponing it for a while. So, I'll be interested in reading about what you saw, as it might give us some guidance when we do actually go...

The duck thief said...

It's no problem. Besides, I like helping people; it keeps me smiling through essays and exam periods.

I was hoping it would give you an idea of where you wanted to go and I'm all about getting as many people to experience Greece. As well, then you can avoid the pitfalls I experienced. I find that when you travel it's always helpful to hear from someone else who's been where you're going.