Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Sunday Rundown

Reading: Well I finished Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" and I have to say, never read this book while eating. Especially meat. Seriously.

I've now moved on to "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" by Marisha Pessl. I have a feeling this is going to be slog but I'm enjoying the various movie and literary references.

Watching: I went to recycle and refill some ink cartridges at the mall and while I was waiting for my refill I walked in to HMV. I have no idea what "HMV" stands for though. Hi-definition movies and videos? Haagendaaz Marshmellows and Voodoo? Holy Moly Voley?

Anyway, I walked into HMV and found three great movies for $15. "Cool Hand Luke" "Soylent Green" and "Master and Commander". These movies can be summed up by eggs, 'failure to communicate', 'it's people!' and 'the lesser of two weevils'. If you haven't seen these I'll leave it up to you to translate my cryptic message.

Listening To: It's stupid and silly but extremely addicting. I stumbled upon and then found myself singing the stupid thing for the rest of the day. And now I find it to be my job to pass on this little curse to you, dear reader. And so I present the song lovingly named: I've Got a Jar of Dirt


Melanie said...

Do you know that when Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he meant it be an expose of working conditions, and was quite annoyed that it was taken up by animal rights / vegetarian causes. Though I agree, don't read it if you want to be comfortable about being a carnivore! In related topics, thanks for the frozen pancake idea, mmmmm.

I checked HMV, and it does come from RCA's famous logo, the dog listening to a gramophone, with the tagline "His Master's Voice". Read more at a history of HMV page if you want.

the duck thief said...

I read Sinclair also wanted to use it to expose the masses to Socialism.

Thanks for that info about HMV. I'll definitely check out that page.

Dark Orpheus said...

I never got around to finishing the Pessl novel. It was soooooo thick.

That said, I really like the "I've Got a Jar of Dirt" - it's so stupid I have to pass it on to my friends. hahaha.

I love "Master and Commander". Regardless of what people think of Russell Crowe, he was very manly and commanding in that movie. If I was the Queen of England, I want him commanding my warships.