Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Sunday Rundown

I'm still stuck on "Master and Commander" but not for long. I'm still confused most of the time and I think in future I'll stick to Alexander Kent books when I want to read a series set on ships of the line during the Napoleonic era.


I discovered a treasure trove of new made for the internets Muppet-related music. Thanks to inspiration from The Indextrious Reader I've decided to share some more of this material. More Beaker in fact. (I've got a soft spot for this certain lab assistant).


Would you be jealous if I said I spent the afternoon with Gary Cooper? I watched "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town". If you've seen the movie then I'm sure you'll agree that the man has the sexiest bedhead you've ever seen.

Here's the crazy echo clip from the movie.

"The Evil Finger is upon you!"


Hamburgers are pretty awesome. On Thursday I made the most amazing burgers with eggs, lean ground beef, garlic, parmesan cheese, an onion, green onions, rosemary and half a leek. Yes, half a leek. The rosemary creates this amazing smell while you're cooking and and an even more amazing taste when you bite into the burger. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love food experimentation!

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