Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Sunday Rundown


I decided to skip "Hound of Death" when my copy of "Kubilai Khan's Lost Fleet" arrived. It's amazing to think that the Chinese invented the stern rudder way back when and it took Europeans about a thousand years to adopt the technology.

Listening To:

Dean Martin and Victor Borge collaboration. I am so glad to have discovered Victor Borge. He's the only man I know who combines humour and classical piano playing.

Just watch Dean try to keep it together.


I never knew sorbet was so tasty. Folklore says Roman Emperor Nero invented it in the first century A.D. when he had runners along the Appian way pass buckets of snow hand over hand from the mountains to his banquet hall. There he mixed the snow with honey and wine.

My sorbet/sherbet was more like a lesser cousin of ice cream though, like Jay Osmond or Marlon Jackson.


I recently stumbled upon this and can't stop watching. Enjoy!

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dmarks said...

I love Victor Borge. Especially when he tells Martin to assimilate.