Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Rundown


I finished "Dune" and am now working my way on "The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher" thanks to Mini Book Blogger Expo.

It's a true story about the murder of a young child and the detective sent to solve the crime. The story became a national sensation in England and as the dust jacket says 'inspired detective-fever' as detectives were a fairly new invention. So far the level of detail is near OCD levels but it shows how much effort was put into solving the case.


There's a cliche term that is sometime used and goes 'they're selling faster than hotcakes'. What does this mean exactly. What is a hotcake and why do they sell fast? Is it because they'll still be hot if you buy them right away? Where the heck did this come from anyway?


I found this beautifully colourful vid about a week ago and have been dying to share it with you. It always makes me smile when I watch it.


Listening To:

This week it's a catchy tune called "My Hope" from YouTuber sweetafton23. It's original, fun and I've been singing it the past few days. Enjoy!


mister anchovy said...

excellent song, and some pretty darn good strumming too!

theduckthief said...

Yeah, I found it completely by accident and love it!

Melanie said...

The Sticky Note video is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. How neat.
I want to read Mr. Whicher, when I get down to that level in the TBR. Isn't MiniBook Expo great? :) I'm reading a non-fiction travel book from them now which I have to review next week.