Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I am so excited for tonight. I'm having our annual Halloween Movie Night where we mock bad movies and consume copious amounts of "vittles".

I had hoped to present you with a pumpkin of my own carving but alas, I was too late. I went to three grocery stores yesterday. Two had no pumpkins left and the last had pumpkins the size of squashes. You tell me how I'm supposed to carve a squash. Anyway, my ironic template will have to wait until next year. My roommate took pity on me though and carved a turnip I have named Stan. He's pictured up top.

I do have one treat to show you. I made these delicious gingerbread skeletons yesterday. They were a pain in my butt to make, bake and decorate but they look pretty adorable. Can't wait to devour them later.

I can't stay though, I have a costume to get into. For the first time in a long time I'm actually dressing up. I found some great old clothes at a local retro store for a 40s pinup girl. I found a great YouTube video with instructions on how to do my hair in a 40s style and spent several late nights fiddling with bobbypins. They are evil instruments of DOOM! and don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

I hope all of you have a great Halloween. I know I will!


Melanie said...

Amazing gingerbread skeletons! What a fantastic idea - though I can just imagine how fiddly they were to make. Ugh! Your costume sounded great, too. I'm impressed at you even trying the hairdo. Hope you had a wonderful time!

theduckthief said...

Thanks! They were pretty fiddly to begin with because I'd never piped frosting before. But once I got into the rhythm and figured out how I wanted the bones to look it was really easy.

I got the idea from this website, Paper Crane. Their skeletons look way better than mine and they have more variety but I love how mine turned out.

The hairdo was a pain in the beginning as well but I really love it. It keeps the hair off my neck and is more stylish than a ponytail or bun. I've been wearing my hair that way for a week. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes about five minutes and twenty bobby pins.