Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sunday Rundown


I've finished "A Christmas Carol" and am back to "The Geography of Hope" but I've also started on "We Interrupt this Broadcast".

I found "A Christmas Carol" to be quite short and enjoyable, despite already knowing the plot. I really liked how the various movie versions I've seen, lifted quotes directly from the book. It was interesting to see though, how much else is in the book that's cut from the movies.

I'm not very far into "A Geography of Hope" but the book is extremely inspiring in terms of what people can accomplish and how quickly dedication and ideas can turn into results.


This is a song by Chris Dane Owens called "Shine on Me". It's either the best or the worst music video in history. Personally I think it's both. I'm sorry to do this to you guys but as Rickrolling is over I thought something new would have to take its place. So if you watch this vid consider yourself "Owened".

The reason I've put this in the "Watching" category is because I and my roommates could not piece together the plot of this video despite discussing it for an hour. We found three separate plots but still have no idea what's going on. If you can figure what the heck this video's about or if you have your own ideas then please let me know.


This week it's "Wreck of the Old 97" by The Seekers. I love the harmonies in this song as well as the banjo. You see, I have a bit of a thing for banjos. Also trains, like my friend Buster. This song is based on a real train crash. While poking around YouTube for some photos of train crashes I found this clip as well as one about Casey Jones. I wasn't aware that he was a real person but apparently he gave his life in order to save others.


Last night as I walked home from work, the smell of snow was in the air. It was cold out, colder thanks to a blustering wind. When I looked up though, the sky was only patchy with clouds, not enough to create any hope of snowflakes. Two hours after I closed the front door behind me I hear that it's snowing outside.

This was what I'd been waiting for since the beginning of November. It finally felt like Christmas as I watched the snow cover my car and the road, flakes whipped past streetlights and the wind rattled a neighbour's wind chimes.

When I woke this morning, the white stuff was still falling and it was gorgeous outside. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots as it doesn't snow that often here. It's cold here and will be cold for a few days yet so I hover around the kitchen stove and wear my toque around the house. It's all worth it though, if the snow will stick around for a while. It also happens to be perfect for making snowballs!

The snow itself was light and fluffy, a sure sign of cold temperatures. (Apparently it's supposed to get down to -7 tomorrow). After brushing the snow off the car I decided that I needed a treat to celebrate the season with a tall cup of hot chocolate (with marshmellows!) and a few slices of homemade gingerbread. The frosting is this delicious blend of yogurt, lemon zest and icing sugar.

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