Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Sunday Rundown


It is so good to be back blogging! I'm currently working on "Les Miserables" for my book club and I was really excited to read it until I got to the library. When I saw it on the shelf I frowned, sighed heavily and hung my head. The book could function as a doorstop or failing that, a nice paperweight it's so thick! Now, it's not the length that worries me. I've read long books before but this is a long classic and I'm wondering whether or not I'll be able to get through it. Any encouragement would be appreciated.


If you're never heard of "Kids in the Hall" then you're missing out. They were a Canadian comedy group that had a TV show for too short a time in the early nineties. Their comedy is refreshing and oh so funny.


Sam Roberts is one of Canada's great musical talents. Here he's singing "Detroit '67". He even uses the word "abbatoir"!

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