Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Walk in Victoria

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long but I'm happy to be back. The weather here has been amazing as of late. I've taken to reading on my porch steps during the afternoon and taking long walks in the sun. The other day I decided to bring my camera with me to share with you, how beautiful the city is.

The cherry blossoms were at the end of their bloom so I thought I'd get a shot of them before being replaced by rather drab-looking leaves.

There are flowers out everywhere and I couldn't resist these little purple beauties pushing out of a stone wall.

I'd been walking for about an hour at this point when I saw this tower in the distance. At first I thought it might be a radio tower but it was too solid, too thick around. When I took this shot I was standing close to a Private Property sign. I never did find out what this was as it's on private land but I imagine it's a headquarters for evil geniuses.

Somewhere along St. Charles I chanced upon this kitty, sunning herself on the hood of a car. When she saw me at the end of the driveway she came running. I expect she used to strangers lavishing attention on her. You'll notice she has only one eye. I started to think up ways she might have lost it. A gang fight with the Fernwood cats gone awry; a battle to the death with a wounded gull; an accident with a garden rake.

Easter lilies are gorgeous and it's illegal to pick them because they're finicky flowers. If you pick them, they won't grow in the area again. This pair had popped up in someone's front garden. I love how the petals curl at the ends.

This is Ross Bay Cemetery. I've never been a fan of cemeteries. The only upside being that they're quiet. I forced myself to walk through this one because it was such a sunny day and otherwise I'd have to walk along busy Dallas Road.

This row of graves belong to soldiers. Notice the uniform flower formation.

This is one of the reasons I'm not comfortable in cemeteries. It would have been my poor luck if the zombie apocalypse had occurred while I was in the cemetery.

This was just plain creepy.

This is a view towards the Olympic Mountains and our neighbours to the south.


mister anchovy said...

excellent photos!

Melanie said...

Love the illustrated walk. So much sunshine, pretty flowers and friendly cats -- but I want to sneak into the evil genius headquarters now...

theduckthief said...

Thanks! I'm thinking now that the weather's better I'll try and do a walk once a week. It gets me outside, I get to wander through neighbourhoods with beautiful old houses and see more of the city.

This week I think I'll try to get to Government House. Last week I walked right by it without noticing. The gardens are spectacular or so I've heard.