Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Word Meme

I've always played with words. Ever since I was a child. Some words I like because they're fun to say: lubricious, pirandellian, pavid, abulia, volacious

Some words because they sound archaic: prolegomenon, tripsis, mammothrept, macarize

Some words I like simply because they sound oh so cool: chiliad, nugatory, hebetude, ugsome

Some words because they sound silly: Shandrydan, kloof, clamjamfry, looby, fugacious

And some words are just delightful: fizgig, banausic, lulliloo, kakistocracy

Two of my favourite words of the moment are Oubliette and Abattoir.

An oubliette is a type of dungeon with the door in the ceiling. 'Oubliette' mean forgotten room so I think the idea was to leave prisoners to rot in these cells. It was alspo mentioned in "Labyrinth" with David Bowie. An abattoir is a slaughterhouse. Sam Roberts, a Canadian singer/songwriter mentions an 'abattoir' in his song "Detroit '67".

I've never attempted a Meme before so bear with me. I'm not going to tag anybody but tell your friends if you like. The rules are this:

1. You must have at least five word categories.

2. You must have more than one word in each category.

3. You must include at least one favourite word and explain your favouritism.

Bonus points for photos that describe one of your words.

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