Monday, November 30, 2009

Patty Duke & Mystery Mansion

"Patty was badly shaken but not injured. she had dropped to the floor at the last second, shielding her head with her arms. She scrambled up into her seat again and saw Byron on the floor. She clutched his arm and tried to drag him up on to the seat, but he was too limp."

Patty Duke has just met her British cousin Cathy who has moved to America. The two look alike and have plans to fool Patty's parents and brother with a switcheroo. Cathy's also managed to make some friends in the neighbourhood including Mr. Trevett, the elderly owner of an historic mansion. He's given Cathy a precious necklace for the consideration she showed on their turbulent flight over the Atlantic. The cousins visit Mr. Trevett and also meet his neice and grand nephew who seem are the kindest people. Throw in a ghost story, a haunted house, a jealous boyfriend and stir generously.

For those who don't know Patty Duke, she was an actress and singer who won an Academy Award and starred in her own television show where she played both Cathy and Patty. Think of it like "The Parent Trap" if it had been serialised into a tv show.

I found this book difficult to review because it's mostly a fluff piece of propoganda for Patty Duke. I read it mainly as an experiment to see what kind of books my mom would have read as a child. The answer is a pretty vapid book. I couldn't get past all of the sexist remarks and sensibilities but it did make me think. 60 years ago women had it tough. You only have to look at tv shows of the day to see how society perceived women and their role in the world. I enjoyed the book only for the fact that I could pick it apart.

Rating: 1/5

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