Monday, January 04, 2010

New Template & Glitches

I decided that to usher in the new year I'd like a new template. Unfortunately when I saved my old template it wouldn't open again so I lost a lot of information. Including all of the movies I'd watched in the past year.

I'm also experiencing some bugs. For some reason my profile pic won't show up and just when I thought I'd got navigation buttons for my template, they turn white when I hover over them. I have the color of the text and background for hovering set to colours other than white but that doesn't seem to help.

But I'm optomistic. Eventually I'll figure out how to fix these and be able to create book and movie lists year to year.


mister anchovy said...

Curiously, if I click add a comment, I can add a comment, but at first I noticed "post a comment", which doesn't appear to link.

I like your template. Hopefully, you'll get your glitches ironed.

theduckthief said...


theduckthief said...

I see what you mean now about 'post a comment'. I have no idea how to fix this though and may have to consult a few tech friends.

Melwyk said...

It is a bit annoying settling in to a new template. There are always glitches. Hope you get all of them sorted out soon - sorry about the loss of info! That's too bad.