Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sunday Rundown

It has been a slow week for books at my house. I'm still working on "Little Women" and rereading "Fahrenheit 451" but I'm dreading an email from my library. No, it's not because I owe a huge fine or lost a book. It's because I'm about to go where I've never gone before: The Russians!

I've steered clear of those guys for years because I always saw them as giantic books full of heavy metaphors and a proliferation of characters I could never keep track of. Well, against my better judgement I am waiting to pick up "Anna Karenina" for my book club. I am excited but worried and not entirely looking forward to it, considering that the book was ruined for me years ago when someone spoiled the ending. Strangely enough I believe "Psycho" was spoiled in the
same year for me.

This is Wheezy Waiter and I think he's hilarious. He gets up early before he goes to work to vlog from Chicago. Enjoy!

This is from Matthew Barber's newest album 'True Believer'. Please to enjoy "Insanity or Death"

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