Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Movies!

This summer is when movie studios bring out the big guns (apart from Oscar season) and some of the best movies of the year come out.

These are the movies I'm looking forward to:

Snow White and the Huntsman

When I heard that there were two directors making live action versions of Snow White, I was not impressed. Then I saw the trailers and they may have slightly changed my mind. The two interpretations have been very different and the huntsman version makes Snow White into a bad ass! Doesn't that bark creature look cute?

The Amazing Spiderman

I thought that rebooting/remaking, whatever it is they're doing with this character was stupid. The Maguire version isn't even a decade old and it just felt like a money grab. But at the same time, Andrew Garfield's character looks and seems far more suited to the Peter Parker role than Tobey Maguire who looked like a 30 year old (which he is) trying to play a teenager when he was in the role. It will be interesting to see how this film differs from the 'original'.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight was an amazing film and I have no idea if Nolan can actually top it. The trailer is amazing-looking though so we'll see. I have serious doubts about Catwoman so let's hope Hathaway proves me wrong just like Ledger did. I can't wait!


Why is it that the Brits are always making awesome stuff all the time? Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch star in this theatre production, streamed live with them switching roles between Dr. Frankenstein and the monster every other night!


I still haven't seen any of the movies in the Aliens series but this looks interesting! I love sci-fi movies if they're done well and Ridley Scott has a good track record. So I may have to cave and watch those creepy Alien movies. Ah darn it!

And for a bonus, the teaser for Skyfall, the new James Bond movie just came out and I couldn't resist adding it! Quantum of Solace was seriously disappointing so here's hoping the new film meet expectations.

The Great Gatsby

Okay just one more. This isn't out until Christmas but I love me some Art Deco and the whole feel of the 20s. I can't wait to see this. I only hope that it's good as adaptations have more baggage than regular films.

Are there any summer movies you're looking forward to?

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