Monday, June 04, 2012

Dr Who Minimalist Posters

Here is another great batch of minimalist posters. Aren't they gorgeous! This time it's Dr Who themed from Karma Orange, an amazing graphic designer. Please take a look at their portfolio.

My knowledge of Dr Who before 2005 is zilch. I wasn't even aware of its existence until the new series rebooted with Christopher Eccleston. I didn't watch it religiously but was intrigued by some of the episodes. I didn't entirely understand the world or what a Time Lord or TARDIS was. Then David Tennant took on the role and everything changed. He was my Doctor, the one that defined the role for me. And again, the Brits proved that they put on fantastic tv. Always a fan of sci fi, I loved the different characters and species, the long story arcs and all the wibbly wobbly timey wimeyness of the show. My favourite episode has been and still is "Blink" because it's the only episode that has actually scared me.

Then I heard that Tennant was leaving Dr Who, a role that he dreamed of playing as a child, to play Hamlet. Argh! An actor called Matt Smith was taking over the role. I had seen him in approximately one role from "Ruby in the Smoke" where he wasn't very memorable. He was going be the next Doctor? No way! He was only 26, the youngest to play the role and he was replacing my Tennant? Utter tosh! I feared for the series and thought it would go downhill, suffer irreparable damage and disappear into the ether of syndication.

I had some small sliver of hope that Smith would prove me wrong, as I'd been wrong about Daniel Craig as James Bond and Heath Ledger as The Joker. Lo and behold, he was more than good in the role. Of course, I don't think he's nearly as fun as Tennant in the role and isn't as scary when he gets angry but he's playing a different aspect of the Time Lord. He's the youngest to play the role but he acts older than any other iteration. He wears suspenders (+10 for that!) and a bow tie (because he thinks bow ties are cool along with fez's). His wardrobe choices are more akin to an older gentleman which is contrary to his appearance but it fits with his actual age. I'm excited to see where they take this series and always enjoy the Christmas specials.

Series 7 is set to air later this year and I can't wait! Stephen Moffat helms the series though he has his hands full with "Sherlock" as well. I must confess I do like it better than "Dr Who" but you can't really beat Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch can you? I worry that Dr Who will suffer though with Moffat stretched thin over two shows. We'll see when Series 7 airs. Are you a fan of the show and who is your favourite Dr?

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