Friday, June 29, 2012

New Rating System

I've been using the same rating system for books and movies for years and I think it's time I changed things up.

Originally my rating system went from one to five but in terms of books and movies, those numbers don't really tell the reader very much. They can understand what I liked and didn't like in the body of the review but the number scale doesn't feel descriptive enough.

Instead I'm going to change my rating system to something that makes more sense in terms of books and movies.

1 = Do not bother with this. Please believe me when I say I'm doing you a favour in telling you that this is not worth your time.

2 = Feel free to glance through at a bookstore or watch a few minutes after channel surfing. It won't waste your time and you may come in at a good part.

3 = This is worth checking out of the library but don't worry about buying a copy to keep.

4 = You should own this and not let it get too dusty from lack of attention.

5 = You should own this, reread/rewatch and recommend to friends, it's that good.

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