Monday, July 23, 2012

Fave Five

Occasionally I find myself wandering around the web with nothing in particular mind to read or visit. This usually ends in several hours of mindless surfing with the discovery of the odd gem here and there. Some sites I've kept to myself for over a year, some I just recently discovered but I thought it was time to spread the love of all things awesome. So here, for your edifying pleasure are 5 sites that I think you should check out.

i can read

I found this site about a year ago and it's updated daily with inspirational messages and quotes. Every post is a work of art and I visit this site when I'm feeling a little down and need to smile. It works every time and I think you'll enjoy it too!

Underground New York Public Library

I discovered this just last week by coincidence and I love it! The site features riders on the New York subway system reading and each post is a picture of said reader. Sometimes the site owner has to be a bit sneaky about taking the photo and sometimes they can't tell what people are reading. The site is interspersed with comments about the site and the idea behind as well as elaborations on certain photos.

I love the concept behind this and that so many people are reading! Albeit, some are on ebooks (to each his or her own) I think this idea is fantastic.


I always have to be careful when I visit this site because it continually makes me hungry. Think Pintrest with just food photos and recipes. This is just to prepare you for if you choose to click the link. Although, there is a really gross photo of cooked baby octopus on the front page. (I'm not very partial to the texture of octopus, cooked or not and the idea of eating protein that looks the same as it did when it was alive gives me the jibblies!)

Wanderlust Europe

This site is my guilty pleasure because it contains gorgeous photos from all over the world that I can't currently afford to travel to. My only bone to pick with the site is there's no way to tell where the pictures are from as they aren't labeled. But they sure are pretty!

A Sea of Quotes

I've also recently discovered this site. It pulls great quotes from everywhere! This just makes me want to read like a maniac but I also can't wait until I read these books and remember these passages. A must read for any book geek.

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