Saturday, December 08, 2012

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" Trailer

I watched this several hours after it was posted, hungry for any footage of the new film. I have high hopes for this film so fingers crossed everyone!

I love Benedict Cumberbatch and he's one of the main reasons that I will watch this movie. I'm glad that he's getting his due but it also means he's super busy and that previous commitments get pushed back (Sherlock Season 3!) to accommodate his ever-expanding schedule. I hope that he's a well-written villain and that this film makes more sense.

The trailer looks cool but trailers can be deceiving. My initial thoughts are mixed. I thought the 2009 reboot was an injection of fresh blood into the old series and it was exciting to watch. At the same time though there were some severe problems with that movie. Let's list them shall we?

- Lens flare(s)

- An ineffective villain who wasn't scary but just looked silly and so did his ship

- Time travel plot holes big enough to drive a semi convoy

- Furthermore, if everyone knows what happens to Romulus why not just plan to stop it, therefore, cancelling the villain's reason for traveling back in time, keeping Pike from leaving and Kirk from assuming the captain's chair and Spock's mother dying and the ENTIRE PLOT FOR THIS MOVIE! *gargleblargleflargle*

- Dumping Kirk conveniently on the same planet as Old Spock oh and Scotty's there too

- What is the Enterprise doing on Earth? What happened to the Mars shipyards?

- Does Sulu carry that sword everywhere or just on away missions?

- If one drop of Red Matter is enough to implode planets why have that giant possibly catastrophe-causing ball? Why not bring back one drop?

- Continuity/physics issues

- Did the changes made thanks to time travel completely destroy the old timeline of TOS, TNG, DSN, STV and Enterprise?

- Spock & Uhura?! What?

- Let's forget about everything I've just written and say that it feels as if JJ Abrams didn't know enough about Star Trek or his scriptwriters didn't or no one cared if this movie fit with series canon. It was a new Star Trek for a new generation so let's just forget about most of what's come before and cannibalize what we want. Argh! My issue is that this is the same guy associated with "Lost", a convoluted, confusing mish-mash of terribly plotting (because they were making it up as they went) and random macguffins and deus ex machinas.

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