Thursday, November 30, 2017

The How-To Handbook - Martin Oliver

This book was received for free from LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers in return for a review.

A book that provides life skills for a wide range of topics with everything from stain removal to curing hiccups. Divided into sections each topic carries do’s and don’ts as well as labeled diagrams to illustrate each step. This is helpful for those who learn better through visuals rather than by text alone.

Compact for storage, there’s a great section called “How to Read this Book” as it’s not meant to be read front to back but instead used when the situation arises. And if you think you’re already skilled enough and wouldn’t glean anything new from this book there is a great way to slice onions included inside.

There is room for improvement though. Some topics reference other skills and use section numbers when really page 
numbers would be more helpful. As well, like activities should be grouped together. For example, bow ties and ties are together but separate from ironing pants. Why not collect all clothing skills together in one area to make them easier to find?

Intended for audiences of all ages, this book is useable in a variety of situations.  

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