Sunday, September 19, 2004

"Stepford Wives" (2004)

I haven't seen the original which I probably should have before I saw the remake. I try to make it a policy to read the original book, watch the original movie and listen to the original song before watching, or listening to the remakes.

According to my parents, the original "Stepford Wives" was a thriller. The remake seems to take a more comical stance but I think that's because everybody already knows the premise of the story.

It was an okay movie; it wasn't great but it didn't stink like rotten tomatoes. But I was disturbed by the fact that there seemed to be this overtone about keeping women in their place. I mean, Glenn Close's character Claire was convinced of a woman's place. She was probably highly deranged though so I don't think she's very credible.

Some of the casting could have been better I think. Nicole Kidman tries to be funny but totally fails in my opinion and Matthew Broderick just doesn't seem to jive with his part. But Bette Midler totally pulled off her character of Bobbi and Roger Bannister, the flamboyantly gay man was perfect. Christopher Walken scares me so I think he was cast perfectly as "Mike" and Glenn Close had an eerie plastic-pasted smile on her face for the whole movie. They made a creepy couple.

So, while it was an okay movie and there were flashes of comedic brilliance, my suggestion would be to wait until it comes out on video to watch it. But then again, it probably isn't in theaters anymore so...

Quote: "I love acting. It is so much more real than life."
~ Oscar Wilde

Rating: 2.5/5

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