Sunday, February 20, 2005

Owners and players practice Frankenstein technique

No, these kids aren't a zombie hockey team. They're the boys' hockey team, from Carlton Public School in Toronto, 1931. I just thought they looked so cute in their uniforms.

Guess what, the word on the street is that the owners and players of the NHL tried to raise the season from the dead. They ripped the pages right out of Shelley's book and dug up bodies at the local cemetery. Perhaps they should have tried curing warts by moonlight because that might actually have worked as oppose to this half-cracked idea.

Stealing body parts and trying to learn surgery from a work of fiction isn't exactly what I would consider the cure for this "season cancellation". Look, the season is dead and there is no use trying to resurrect it so stop trying!

I understand some people are hurting. I'm hurting too; hockey's in my blood but get over it. The players are overpaid for a career that usually lasts about 10-15 years. The base of operations is in the US and there are too many teams in places that probably care more about the corn season than 'ice hockey'.

I would recommend, if or when the NHL gets its act together, that some changes be made.

  • End to end play

  • No centre line

  • Olympic-size rink

  • But before anyone indulges my own selfish wants and wishes, they should probably come to an agreement about the salary cap/no salary cap. For the moment I'm just looking for reruns of old games on TSN. Anyone else fed up with this botched zombie scheme?

    Quote: "Once hockey gets into your blood, you're hooked for life."
    ~ unknown

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