Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lucas rips off Ape Club

Hey, guess what, Bigfoot's been spotted again and this time it was in Manitoba.
Apparently a man named Bobby Clarke shot footage of the animal/creature/hairy man along the Nelson River in Manitoba.

I'm not saying I believe in the existence of these animals/creatures/hairy men, but if it's a hoax then a lot of people went to an awfu lot of trouble to dress up in monkey suits. Ahem, I mean ape suits. Maybe there's some sort of underground club where men dress as apes that you're not supposed to talk about. "The first rule of Ape Club is, you bring your own suit. There's none of this, 'I forgot mine can I borrow yours?'."

Now, I spent a great deal of time thinking about this, about five minutes. Could this all be some plot by George Lucas to promote the last Star Wars movie? I mean, don't Bigfoot and Wookies look an awful lot alike? The movie opens in less than a month and a Bigfoot just happens to show up and get caught on tape? But maybe I've got this all backwards. Maybe Lucas based the whole Wookie species on Bigfoot. If so, you'd think Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) would want to see some royalties.

My advice? Check out Bigfoot footage and then go see the movie. See if any of the Wookies in it resemble the hairy men on video, I mean the Bigfoot(feet). I'll bet someone could do a documentary on this and make hundreds. But Lucas would probably parachute in with lawyers before anyone made any money on it. It's safer to wait until the man has passed on and been incased in carbonite.

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