Friday, May 06, 2005

Prediction: BC bankrupt by 2010

Well, the new logo for the 2010 Olympic games was unveiled a few weeks ago and the first thing I thought was...fingerpainting. It looks like one and it looks like it was done by a child.

Yeah yeah the red stands for the flag and the yellow is for BC's sunsets and the blue is for the ocean. Blah blah blah. Normally I would paste a picture on the top of this post but it's under copyright. Please, who is going to steal a child's fingerpainting?

And why an Inukshuk? I know it's an Inuit symbol but wouldn't this be a more appropriate logo if the games were taking place in the north? Well, more north than BC is. And since the games are taking place on the west coast, wouldn't a west coast logo be more fitting? Yes I've heard people on the news saying that the logo is supposed to represent all of Canada and not just BC but does an Inukshuk symbolize all of BC?

Here's some background. Inukshuk means, "in the image of a man". Traditionally they acted as compasses or guides for safe journeys. If anyone has anything they'd like to say about Inukshuks, let me know.

And who exactly is going to get to go to these games? Rich people in Vancouver and travellers from other countries. Everyone in BC is going to have to pay for them but not everyone is going to get to go. That's like having a birthday party where all the kids in the class buy you presents but only six kids actually get to go.

One more thing. By the time 2010 roles around, it will have been more than two decades since the games were held here. Didn't Montreal just finish paying off the 1976 Olympics?

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