Friday, June 10, 2005

Gurmant Grewel + secret tapes

So this is my 50th post! In celebration I decree throughout the land of Blogdom that there shall be free spam for everyone!

It seems like all I'm blogging about "these days" is politics in Canada but you know what, the politics here are actually getting juicy. People crossing floors left and right (okay that was bad), national scandals, missing money, secret tape recordings. Now I can't say that the politics are as interesting as the time when Mulroney screwed everybody over with WaterGate because well, that was before my time. So, this is the big thing of my Canadian politics. I wish I could make that sound more interesting but I doubt that MPs would juggle flaming chainsaws on CPAC if I asked them to.

So, I actually had to find out about from a podcast because of my lack of media sources where I'm living now but Gurmant Grewal's allegations are starting to sound suspicious.

This is the man that secretly taped conversations with Liberals. (Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy, Prime Minister Paul Martin's' chief of staff). Supposedly they hinted at the fact that he might be able to further his career if he missed the important non-confidence vote a few weeks ago. Perhaps they were promising him a pool full of jello or a sculture made out of macaroni that he could offer to Harper as a grain-product sacrifice, I really don't know.

The tapes were released and many people agree that the tapes were doctored or edited. An audio expert hired by the Conservatives says the tapes are clean but is he to be believed? Prior to them being released to the media, they were in the hands of the Conservative party. The Tories admitted some segments of the tapes had gone missing. So, does this mean that some thief out there gets his jollies by clipping bits of tape and stealing them?

Wait, the story gets better. It turns out Grewal was at the Vancouver airport and was trying to get a package to Ottawa. But he wasn't leaving until the next day. So he bothered various people, trying to get them to take the package for him. You're not allowed to do this in Canada. You either send it by courier or you take it on the plane yourself. I guess that's because there might be a bomb in the package or a deadly fruitcake that's been sitting in the back of your freezer ever since your mother-in-law made it.

Anyway, what was in the package? One of the unedited tapes that were supposedly all handed over to the RCMP (our police guys). So what does the man do? Well, he does what any man in his situation does, mows the lawns of Parliament. Okay no, he took a leave of absence. My prediction? He's gone. He's gone like dinner when the dog's left alone with it.

Who is telling the lie?

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