Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Floodings in Alberta

So what the heck is going on with Alberta? Does it have anything to do with getting overexcited about a certain birthday?

Massive flooding has washed out roads and have caused thousands to evacuate and leave the pot roast cooking in the oven. This could cause serious problems as the roast is sure to be well done or even burnt when residents are allowed to return.

I always pictured things like this happening in the Maritimes or at least in the East because I always hear about floods happening over there. But Alberta? Come on. These people have enough problems dealing with the cow crises. Now they have to deal with cows floating out of stockyards and standing on top of half-sunken '96 Volkswagons. I don't even know if cows are that buoyant. Do spots make them heavier? We'll need to develop some sort of SCUBAFOB (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus for bovines).

My ultimate concern though, is for the jackalope. Is anyone worried about them? What are these little critters going to do? I can imagine those antlers weighing a ton and their arms and legs don't seem suited to swimming. I also hardly doubt that anyone is concerned for their safety or concern. A much-maligned creature, they became infamous during the Chili crises of '73.

One good thing to come out of this was that Drumheller was saved, or at least is still standing. All my little dino friends are safe for another day to scare the skin off of tourists with a frying pan and a "Not the Mama!"

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