Friday, July 15, 2005

MP Gurmant Grewal Bribery Scandal

On my 50th post I talked a little about how Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal was in a bit of trouble about trying to get people to take a package of his on a plane. I also talked about how he secretly taped conversations where the Liberals were trying to bribe him into crossing the floor.

Recently he was cleared in an immigration case. He has also been cleared of any wrongdoing in the "airport incident".

Things have just gotten worse for this man. Apparently when some people made donations to his party and his campaign, their cheques and money went missing. They never received tax receipts but the cheques were deposited. And apparently they weren't cashed with the riding association or Conservative party. Hmmmmm. Could the gnome underground have stolen the cheques? I wouldn't be surprised if they had an agent in every political office in the country. They're crafty little critters and it seems that they've moved on from stealing car keys and hiding remotes.

The RCMP is now investigating five such cases and I'm wondering just what dirty little secrets they're going to find. Perhaps at one time he used to collect hot pink flamingoes or perhaps he has a fetish for used whoopie cushions. You'd be surprised how many closets people have with mismatched skeletons.

By the way, the gnome in the picture is missing his pet fox. If anyone's seen it, let me know.

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