Monday, October 03, 2005

CBC strike may be over

Yesterday I heard that the CBC might be going back to work soon if a deal can be worked out. So I jumped about like a giddy penguin and danced on the ceiling.

It's sad how I never knew how much I missed the CBC until it was gone. It's like not knowing how important having a toothbrush was until your teeth start feeling like you've been painting them with slime from the fishtank.

To help speed this process along, I've decided to send a message out into "the internets". Hopefully it will be happily received by both sides as a prompt to kick their keesters into gear before people begin to think CBC stands for 'Canned Beets Company'.

So, to misappropriate a well-known quote: "I want my CBC!"

1 comment:

CanadaDave said...

Meh, one of the perks to living this close to the US is that I get NPR just fine. I do miss certain CBC programs and the coverage of Canadian news isn't the best but overall it's a pretty good replacement.