Sunday, October 09, 2005

Don Cherry favours the Senators?

Well, hockey is back, sports bars are full and hockey widows and widowers are back in black.

There were 15 games played on Wednesday, a full plate for people trying to watch three at a time, taping two on other tvs in the house and hijacking friend's tvs as well.

I saw the first shootout ever in NHL history and it happened in Canada, with Canadian teams. Ottawa whupped the Leafs 5-4 when it was all over.

And I also kept seeing that phrase, "Thank you Fans" pasted on the ice. But to what is this referring? Thank you for coming back, thank you for putting up with our crap? But regardless of this I'm glad it's back.

Now, I've heard from various sources, including Don "Redface" Cherry, that the Ottawa Senators are favoured or expected to win the Stanley Cup and will either win against Calgary or Vancouver. Any thoughts, opinions, raging blackouts?

I also watched the women's exhibition game yesterday between the US and Canada and I was very disappointed. We won 6-0 but it was a hollow victory. It's not worth winning if you don't beat a worthy opponent and the US women didn't live up to my expectations. There's always been this great rivalry between the US and Canada and that last great game I watched between the women was the 2002 Olympics. That final had me yelling at the tv screen. So this is a message to the US Women's team, I expect a fight for the win in Torino or I'll turn off the tv.

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