Saturday, October 22, 2005

Don Cherry = The Greatest Canadian?

Well I thought I might as well get on with this and I'm sorry it's taken forever. But after this I only have two more guys to go through.

Don Cherry actually only played one game in the NHL with the Boston Bruins. He would later coach this team as well. He allegedly modeled their playing style after that of his bull terrier, Blue. This didn't strike me as smart. I mean, dogs eat their own vomit and hockey players wouldn't do that, no matter how much you pay them. After coaching several teams and getting fired from those jobs, he became a commentator on Hockey Night in Canada. It's here that he's become a well-known household name. He's controversial and conservative, which clashes with CBC, the liberal-leaning corporation that Hockey Night in Canada is broadcast on. He even had a seven-second delay imposed on him, though there was no precendent of wardrobe malfunction. But after the CBC strike he's back, without the time delay.

My first impression of him was, who dresses this man and why haven't they been fired yet? I mean, he's not a peacock so what's with the purple checked suit and the funny hats? Yes he's extreme and says what he feels but still, my eyes! It burns! I mean, isn't it a law against nature to mix psychedelic plaids with large feather hats.

The only explanation for this is that 1) He's trying to attract a mate, in which case I'm scared what his mating call might be or 2) He's a showman, a ringleader on Coach's Corner (aka Coach's Carnival) and poor Ron McLean is his yuppy.

So is he the greatest Canadian? Well, he sure dresses as if he thinks he is. At times, I think his brash talk works. But it doesn't work when he's making a political commentary on a show about hockey. The only conclusion that I can draw is that people like Don Cherry, flaws and all.

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