Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am an Insignificant Microbe!

When I started this blog I was just doing it for myself, just trying to vent my frustrations and expectations on a keyboard. Then I got caught up in the whole hit counter craziness. My only excuse is that I want to be informative. I want to let people know what's going on, from fellow Canadians to foreigners. In the beginning it seemed strange because I assumed everybody watched the news, read the paper or listened to the radio. I assumed they cared enough about their country to know what the heck was going on around them.

I have since been corrected of my naive hopes. One family changed this for me significantly when I discovered they didn't seem to care about the news. I was used to discussing politics and recent events with my family. So for the first time ever, I hungered for intellectual conversation. So I was hanging onto this blog by my chewed fingernails.

I do try to present current news combined with my wacky humour. I do try to present accurate information but there are times when I haven't done my homework and someone calls me on it. I mean, just look at the Kitseault post I did. I doubt that Adam Daniel Mezei ever looked at my blog again because of the way I tried to cover my ass and make excuses. But hey, you make excuses, you sweep a few bodies/scandals/screw-ups under the rug and you move on.

So in a way I'm glad this blog is pretty secluded. I mean, the only reader I seem to have is Canada Dave. At least I know I'm not talking to myself here. I do appreciate feedback though. Then I can get a sense of what other people think of the situation and find out whether I'm out on a limb or not.

I don't have any plans on stopping though. While it's become more of a commitment than something fun, it makes me read every newspaper I can get my hands on; I'm actually watching hockey games rather than just hearing it from people; I appreciate the CBC and it's return because of it's distinct Canadianess and inspiration for posts.


Anonymous said...

Hi--actually, I am Canada Dave's Mom--and I read you too. We have always talked about current events, politics (and been heavily involved at all levels. I continue to be surprised at people who don't read papers, watch or listen to the news--and was greatly relieved when CBC returned--it just didn't seem right waking up to any other station. Hockey--well I guess no one is perfect!

The duck thief said...

Hi Canada Dave's Mom!

Welcome to my niche in the universe. Now I can claim a two-person readership! Slowly but surely, my blog will devour the internets and rule supreme on the throne of blogdominess...sess.

As for hockey, well, I used to think the same thing. How could anyone find that interesting? But after watching the Olympics in Salt Lake and then caring enough about the lockout to post about it, I got interested. I also didn't want to feel like a hypocrite, caring about the national game when I don't even watch the teams play.

Just out of curiousity, did your son recommend my blog to you?

Anonymous said...

Olympic Hockey is different--I watch that too. And I used to trudge off to the rink when my boys played (although if it was early, I sent their father--he was the one who enjoyed hockey--and was far better at lacing up their skates!)I favoured skiing as a winter sport--and ultimately was successful at having that the family winter sport (except for my husband who worked most winter weekends).

David has a list of "Recommended Blogs" on his blog--so I just "kinda" stumbled on yours one day--so when I check his, I check yours too. (If you read his, I'm the Mom, not that he has more than one, who swam the 6 km across the Lake for my 60th birthday. Dave swam with me.)

I think you would probably be surprised at the number of people who have found your blog, and what a great way to journal and/or hone your writing skills.

Canada Dave's Mom

Adam Daniel Mezei said...

It's me again -- I found out that I'd been alluded to as part of a Google on me. Egad, interesting it was -- and somewhat spooky.

Okay, please allow me to clear the air -- I'd be more than delighted to continue to opine on your blog. I love the premise, and I'm sincerely indebetted to someone of your ilk whose chosen to lash out against the indifference our fellow citizens display towards this magnificent nation which we call our home.

I'm always thankful and feel most fortunate that I live here, and I'm also pleased as pecan pie that we've got such a huge and wide breadth of a nation where we can all choose to live.

I am now on the west coast, and I love it.

I was away for a while, but now I'm back, and I'm going to be posting here more often.

I didn't know that it had actually meant something to you -- and, indeed -- I hadn't intended any umbrage to your -- more personally felt, I feel than me having cited it -- post about Kitsault.

In any event, if you let me know there's something cool by email, I'd be pleased to connect with you here more frequently.

I do encourage you to take a look at our blog:

where you'll find a nice array of fictions, historical fictions, and oodles of short stories with a current events spin on them.

Okay, this wasn't to self-promote -- let's make this more of a ritual, shall we?

Nice to be back.

-- ADM

The duck thief said...

Don't worry about it. I didn't take umbrage at all to your post. I just felt like an idiot and started kicking myself after I read your comment and realized that I hadn't included information in the post that was important. The main fact being that Krishnan Suthanthiran is Canadian, which I failed to include in the post. I mentioned that he was US based but as sometimes happens, I got carried away and didn't present the full picture. So more than anything, I appreciated your post.

I'll be sure to check out your blog.