Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That Crazy Hockey Game

Don't know if anyone else saw the Canucks/Wild game last week but man was that a game. The third period was bloody insane.

Things seemed to be fine going into the third. The Canucks were leading 2-1 and then they almost ruined everything. Somewhere in the third period the Wild suddenly kicked things into high gear. Vancouver probably would have been safe if they could have stayed away from penalties.

First, Todd Bertuzzi got a slashing call, breaking the stick of a Wild player with less than three minutes left in the game. And then, Ryan Kesler managed to flip the puck into the crowd which = penalty. Then Sami Salo did the same thing directly after this. So first it was 5 on 4, and then it was 5 on 3, then 5 on 2. Then the Wild decided to go full boar and pulled their goalie. So 6 on 3. At this point I was half bald with pulling my hair out and was chomping on Halls by the package because I'd yelled myself hoarse.

So for the final three minutes of the game, Lindon and Ohlund spent time killing the penalties and saving the team's ass. I spent my time constructively yelling at the tv because it was a miracle the Wild didn't score.

I think this was mostly in thanks to Alex Auld who played a great game. At one point the crowd was calling his name because he made some amazing saves. This was Auld's first start since Cloutier with his concussion and he made 31 saves that night and really pulled it off in the last minutes of the game.

So, to sum up, watching hockey games can drive you nuts and turn you bald.

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