Friday, July 14, 2006

So, I missed Canada Day

This is turning into a theme with me, isn't it? I was working all day, outside. Now, I was really pumped because it was Canada Day and I was even able to smile at people who asked why people were wearing red and white and waving maple leafs around.

That was the perfect day. It didn't rain and after work I went to go watch the parade and then ate a great dinner at my friends house. The fireworks weren't on until eleven so we had a little time to kill and she wanted to have a nap so I went to a movie.

It was the first time I'd gone to a movie all by myself and you know what, it was great! I went to go see "Superman Returns" which I loved and I only hope that there's going to be another one. And then the fireworks. It only lasted 15 minutes but it was great. The large chrysanthemums were quite loud and echoed off the mountains.

But, all that sun from 9-5 was not a good thing. I ended up getting heat stroke and feeling really gross for the next couple of days. So I didn't feel up to blogging about it. But have no fear, next year, nothing is going to stop me from blogging about Canada Day.

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