Wednesday, July 19, 2006

War in Lebanon

I was going to do a post about how much I loved "The Last Spike" by Pierre Berton but instead, I'm going to vent my anger over Stephen Harper's response to the murder of an entire Lebanese-Canadian family.

It's taken me this long to calm down. You should have heard my response when I woke up to my radio explaining what had happened and Harper's reply. He called Israel's actions a "measured response" against Lebanon because a group called Hezbollah who aren't associated with the government kidnapped two of their soldiers.

I have three words for you Harper and I'll keep it clean.


It sounds as if you're trivializing these deaths and the fact that civilians are the ones who are suffering and being killed. The entire country is being held hostage because the airports have been bombed as well as all of the roads out of the country.

Eight Canadians are dead "Steve" and you're just brushing this off your shoulder like so much dandruff. And why have you picked a side in this conflict? Israel is violating international law so why support a country committing an illegal action?But I think we all know why "Steve" is on Israel's side. It's because he's buddy buddy with Bush. And we all know who the US supports.

Harper, when people do a crappy job and don't properly represent their company, they get fired. As of now, you're on notice.

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