Monday, February 05, 2007

Those Conservative Ads

I don't know if you've seen these new ads by the Conservative slamming Stephane Dion but it's making me kind of mad.

First of all, they took their footage from the Liberal Leadership Debates so it was easy to find Liberals criticizing each other. As well, I'm thinking, why are these attack ads showing up? It's not an election year (at least, not yet) and it makes you look bad.

In fact, Conservatives, it's making you look like a bunch of jerks or even better, schoolyard bullies because politicians often stoop to the antics of children even though they're adults. It's strange to think that these people are older than me and yet where is the maturity? You know, that's actually a scary thought.

Okay, so maybe you're trying to get a jump on a supposed "election" but come on. This is almost worse than American Democrats and Republicans starting their Presidential runs this January. I'm so glad we have a law about how long politicians can campaign up here. I mean, who wants to listen to campaign ads for a whole year?

Listen, all you people on "the hill" should be concerned about is running the country. Just do your job and stop wasting time making stupid ads and wasting taxpayers money on things people don't want or care to see.

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Melanie said...

Absolutely! The ads are so mean spirited. I've started watching less tv just to avoid them. Sigh.